Hunter Army Airfield

Hunter Army Airfield Facts

On a land mass of an estimated size of over 5, 400 acres of land, nestled is the Hunter Army Airfield military base, which is located in Savannah, Georgia. This installation is situated in the county of Chatam and constitutes a collection of sub-divisions.

The primary objective of the Hunter Army Airfield military base, is to deliver administration, control, training, civilian military support, command and logistical support to both non-divisional and assigned units that are stationed at the Fort Stewart installation.

Soldier practice at Hunter Army Airfield

Main entrance sign at Hunter Army Airfield

On a daily basis, the facility accommodates the following occupants in its population:

A total of 10, 205 civilian employees, 10, 514 active duty officers, 3, 474 family members, 780 reserve component officers, 417 active duties enlisted and 6, 579 retirees.

The facility is under operation command of the Fort Stewart military installation as a combined establishment prominently located in Savannah, Georgia. The location served as the Savannah Municipal Airport in 1929.

In 1940 the establishment was renamed as Hunter Municipal Airfield in commemoration of the reputable services provided by Lieutenant Colonel Frank O’ Driscoll Hunter, who is a native of Savannah and a legendary flying operative of World War I. This installation was the first of its kind in August of the year 1940.

Soldiers entering Hunter Army Airfield

Soldier boarding at Hunter Army Airfield

The runway for this military base is approximately 3.5 kilometers and the most prominent with its featured airport parlance sectors composing of over 350 acres in landmass. Deployment is entertained by the 3rd Infantry Division within close proximity to the Fort Stewart installation to avail support to various destinations worldwide. This development is also used, to accommodate the United States Shuttle emergency dismemberment.

There are also other tenants that occupy housing facility and are enlisted operatives for the United States Coast Guard sub-divisions. The facility continues to promote professionalism and effectiveness for all operatives nestled along with other prominent establishments of the United States Military.

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