Fort Gordon Garrison Command

Fort Gordon Garrison Command Facts

Fort Gordon Garrison Command Military base, constitutes over 12, 000 soldiers and 4, 600 civilians. The installation is situated in a prominent location just a few miles on the south western border of the city of Augusta in Georgia. The facility is widely populated with all the provisions required. The first gate for the premises is in a close location to the Richmond County, while the second gate is a few hundred yards in length from Columbia County. Most individuals refer to the area as “CSRA” which means Central Savannah River Area which is coexistent of a clique of counties for Georgia and South Carolina which therefore forms the border of state along the Savannah River.

Fort Gordon Garrison Command Locators

Fully armored soldiers at Fort Gordon Garrison

The Fort Gordon installation is well known for hosting the National League Championship for the Atlanta Braves and the1996 Olympics nestled only 139 miles from the city of Atlanta, this location stands prominent.  The location is convenient to residents of the installation, since access to the beaches, Myrtle Beach golf courses and agreeable entertainment is only 211 miles. Within 122 miles of the facility, individuals can revive the best of Savannah’s street history.

Manager of Fort Gordon Garrison Command

Two solders act like working in Fort Gordon Garrison Command

This installation has trained more operatives compared to the training provided by other branches in the United States Army. Army Personnel’s are assigned on missions that are multi-faceted for this sub-division in mobilization, training, force integration and doctrine. The Fort Gordon Garrison command controls all missions for specialized duty operatives for the Department of the Army civilian personnel and the Signal Corps military, providing extensive training and doctrine development support of Proclamations. The specialized units for the installation are fully knowledgeable on all aspects of teamwork and specified criteria to effectively maneuver the task assigned by the commanding team. The installation is well known for merited operatives deployed to enforce and structure solutions to aid in all different kinds of crisis situations that may present themselves.

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