Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Facts

The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany was introduced on March 1, 1952, hosting the name Marine Corps Depot of Supplies. This base is among the finest of military organizations and is included in the seven installations under command of the Marine Corps Installations East. This installation also facilitates the Marine Corps Logistics Command and Maintenance Center Albany.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Front Sign

Soldiers at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

The base facilitates a wide range of support services that are tailored along with the infrastructure to command the establishment to achieve specified goals as Warfighters for the United States Military. The operatives within the organization are fully trained and educated on all aspects of support and maintenance for military units. This installation provides complete and detailed logistical support to the units of the Marine Corps Forces.

The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is situated in the city of Albany, Georgia. The base constitutes assigned task structured with repairs, support and redevelopment of equipments for ground combat to effectively support the United States Marine Corps Installations on the East Coast. There are currently only two bases, the other being the Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow situated in California which handles these kinds of mission.

Headquarter of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Truck inside MCLB Albany GA

As an installation that expedites effectiveness and satisfaction the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is devoted to the welfare and success of:

  1. The components and Marine Corps Logistic Commands, Agencies and Support Command
  2. The service members along with their families, Sailors, Civilian personnel and Marines

Surrounding environments consisting of communities, inclusive of the Lee, Worth and Dougherty Counties.

The capabilities of the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is diverse in efficiency and compatibility, to therefore execute all the required duties designated by the Department of Defense and the Marine Corps in the regions surrounding the gulf coast and south eastern sections, in the event of a world or divisional crisis from emergency situations or natural disasters that are destructive.

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