Transit Center at Manas

Today the AFB Kyrgyzstan Manas, also known as Gancy, it serves like a military spot of USA in the Flow with the Airport which is situated near Bishkek that is the Kirguizstan’s capital. These air bases in are firstly handled by the Air American Forces. East Kirgizstan the installation of air Base was a tax somehow tirany and this is the reason why it was named like the Chief of Fire brigade of New York, J Ganci, junior, he died back in the terrorist problem of Sep 11. Moreover, Air Forces actually used the occasional “Ganci”, during a little possession until the Instruction of Air Forces or AFI was declared by them that you base air foreign they will not take any natal name of heroes of the house. Of there in improve officially they were called springs the AB to this air base.

Not so long ago, back in 2005, Revolution of Tulip in March, Kirguizstan’s politics needed several flights heading to some foreign countries, even the personnel was actually not in any schedule of flights interrupted or affected and the air Base actually works in an efficient way always meeting high-standards! The developments are high-tech all the time and they operate consistently.

Rainbow appears at Manas Air Base

Areal view of Transit Center at Manas

Transit Center at Manas

Soldier carrying bags at Transit Center at Manas

CH-47 takeoff from Transit Center at Manas

The crafts of war that has the access in the air Base Springs Kirgizstan are the known KC-135 Air in term of Strato-tanker, the Force of the United States the F-15Es, Marina’s Infantry of the USA 18 of f, also the KC-136, and 2 B-707, the KC-135s and the Netherlands KDC-10. ┬áThe United States and Kirguizstan signed a treatment on the traffic of not military load to Afghanistan that with efficiency they will guard opened USA airbase Bishkek they had arranged enclosure, the civil servants said on Tuesday. Kirgizstan had worried Washington for arranging the closing of the airbase in springs, a point of key traffic for operations of Afghanistan.

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