Joint Force Command Brunssum

This Base-Brunssum of the Equipment of Combat of 7 soldiers a workforce of 200 Dutch nationalist that assure that all the equipment can be useful for the soldiers in remains of the campaign in the conditions of the 1st class for even sending everywhere worldwide in notice of a moment. CEB-BR’s the goal and mission must receive even fix, store & actually form the entire material of war of the army and they are also looking to obtain the best for the soldiers who need it in an opportune way. The many actions are actually stored in twenty warehouses fully controlled by dampness on 124 acres of land.

Like within much more than five hundred articles of line stored & supported in the site they are a variety of portable weapon, M88A1 vehicles of recovery, and also 2.5 – & trucks of five tons. The facility has like twenty eight bays of maintenance along with painting & capacities de-rusting, and a shop of local metallurgy to produce many small parts not longer in the inventory of army. The mechanics attend to around forty vehicles every day, doing everything like minor adjustments and even replacements of engines. Upon completion, each vehicle ends up suffering approximately an hourly of an inspection: QA.

Areal view of Joint Force Command Brunssum

Interior of Joint Force Command Brunssum

Inside Joint Force Command Brunssum

Soldiers at Joint Force Command Brunssum

They deal with all the necessary equipment to units in the whole world. From the beginning of the deployment of the Army to Kosovo, this specific unit has actually embarked like more than 12,100 articles. Many soldiers also go to the different ports in order to fully provide last-minute hinges that may be actually necessary. The staff and personnel cares to also supply all the respective equipment for Army Afloat programs, the stores and they also support 2 different chemical games linked to the equipment for defense of more than ten thousand men sending notice for Bosnia 6 also Kosovo, in order to support like 53 thousand men for potential employment somewhere else!

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