Military bases in Japan

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Shooting training at Camp Hansen

Camp Hansen

Located in the majestic island of Okinawa, Japan, Camp Hansen is considered as the largest United States Marine Corps training range in the island and was one of the few locations in the area that allowed the firing of live rounds.  Aside from the rudimentary military facilities of numerous firing ranges and live fire houses, […]

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Sign at Camp Fuji

Camp Fuji

Camp Fuji, a facility controlled by the United States Marine Corps that can be found in the East Central of Japan in the island of Honshu. It is situated in the vicinity of Mount Fuji specifically at the base 800 miles from Okinawa. Camp Fuji neighbors a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force facility which is known […]

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Well known dinning facility of Camp Zama

Camp Zama

Camp Zama is situated 40 km in the southwestern part of Tokyo, Japan which is a United States Army installation. This serves as the major headquarter of the United States Army stationed in Japan and houses the US Army Japan, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade, US Army Japan Aviation Detachment, 78th Signal Battalion, 4th Engineer Group […]

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Soldiers speech at Camp Kinser

Camp Kinser

It is part of the Marine Corps of US that is located in Okinawa. Camp Kinser houses Naha Port, a US Army military unit. Camp Kinser’s primary mission is to provide support to the US Marine logistics operations.  Kinser Camp has a warehouse with one million square feet of space to house all the Marine […]

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Areal view of US naval hospital Okinawa

Camp Lester (Camp Kuwae)

Camp Lester, another name for Camp Kuwea is situated along the coastline of the Chatan Town which faces the East China Sea. This is where the largest military hospital in Okinawa is based aside from having the different amenities such as a soccer field, school, and housing facilities catered to the surrounding bases within the […]

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Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa Navy

Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa

The presence of United States Marine Corps forces in Okinawa provides national security in the region. They discourage aggression, answers during crises should any aggression occurs and secures any risk brought about by the withdrawal of some US forces to the stability and peace in Okinawa. Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa Facts Website: Visit Commander Fleet […]

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military machine at Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo

Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo

The US Fleet Activities Sasebo is found on the island of Kyushu, Sasebo, Japan.  This is a United States naval base which was established on June 1946 whose primary mission is to provide logistic support to the deployed units and the visiting forces of the United States Pacific Fleet as well as the activities of […]

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