Fort Knox

Visiting the Kentucky Fort Knox, the visitors will get surprised with a strong bond between soldiers, people, civilians and family who come together for the unity of nation’s defense. This community could reflect the harmony between military and civilians. The residents on post and off post are working together and share the task equally to create peace and happiness in life. Strongly held in Kentucky, this military base is supported greatly by surrounding people in years. This fact has shown how the harmony created peace in this military base. What else’s, this existence has been known worldwide and recognized to be the best training center in the world.

Fort Knox Facts

  • Website: Visit Fort Knox Website ›
  • Location: Kentucky
  • Phone: (502) 624-1181
  • Latitude: 37.906418
  • Longitude: -85.960808
  • DSN: 464-1181

The Kentucky Fort Knox has been leading Army into great development of high end technology as well as the personal quality, with regarding advanced training, war fighting capability and readiness. These aspects become main points to achieve. Indeed the fort Knox is authorized Kentucky City which covers 170.4 sq miles or 109,054 acres. Its vast area is considered to be the 6th biggest urban community in Kentucky with a list of history that is worth to explore. Are you interested to visit there, a lot of facilities and attractions related to military are there to make you amazed with.

Fort Knox main Building

Fort Knox interiour

Areal View of Fort Knox

Fort Knox sign and staute

A wide range of lodgings are available around and in Kentucky Fort Knox. If you wish to have official lodging of Army, the Fort Knox Army Lodging is the way to go. Also, getting closer to the community could widen your view about real life in military base; fortunately lodging is available in the community. Visiting this Fort Knox won’t make you bored since a lot of attractions are available. Let’s trace the history stored in the Patton museum of Cavalry and Armor and find out what makes the Fort Knox is really interesting in the eyes of people around the world.

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