Camp Doha

In the north of the city of Kuwait is found a warehouse complex that goes by the name Camp Doha. This was used by the army of the United States towards the end of the Gulf War. To this day, the camp is still in use. This was established during the Desert Thunder I mission. The forces that are found in Doha now focus on the tactical operations done jointly with the military in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The ones responsible for Camp Doha’s smooth running are the ARCENT (Fwd) staff. It is their job to provide administrative and logistics support to those in the camp. Support contract for Camp Doha is handled by CSA or the Combat Support Associates. In their end, they provide supplies, the maintenance of equipments, training of forces against each other, range control and even the security of the camp. All equipment of the battalions based in Camp Doha is taken care of by the CSA.

Prepositioned sets of equipments in Camp Doha that are utilized for contingency operations are maintained and given apt service by the ADA Task Force. They have PATRIOT systems there that are also an asset in Kuwait against those who launch or throw ballistic missile threats among those in the camp. The camp may be in the line of ballistic missile threats most days but there are capable people there that can counter these threats measure for measure. These countermeasures against such threats are maintained well by those in the ADA Task Force.

Radiation testing at Camp Doha

Strange military machine at Camp Doha

Soldier repairing plane at Camp Doha

Soldiers filling sandbags at Camp Doha

Facilities in Camp Doha continue to grow. This camp is right next to a water desalination plant that’s quite huge and that of an electrical plant. This is what makes the camp great for machineries including the PATRIOT systems that would need to be run by electricity and an abundance of water.

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