Schriever Air Force Base

Schriever AFB Facts

  • Location: Near Colorado Springs in El Paso County
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  • Phone: (719) 567-1110
  • Longitude:
  • Latitude:
  • DSN:

Colorado Schriever AFB is situated right in CO Springs, which is the 2nd largest city located in Colorado & situated around eighty miles South of the International Airport. It is magnificent since it offers the ideal blend in terms of culture, business opportunities, and considering outdoor recreation. This place is great; this base is fully equipped in a great way to deal with the many events that take place on a daily basis. The corps are to be served fine and they are always looking to optimize their space.

Flying Over Schriever Air Force Base

The Colorado Schriever history goes back right to the important decision to finally establish a brand new spot in order to control everything, somehow aiming a facility approved directly by the Defense Secretary back in Sept 1979. This military site was once known as the Falcon AS, and it was even chosen within many other possible facilities, somehow twelve & it was ground breaking matter that happened in 1983. This place was then renamed as Colorado Schriever AFB and the name was actually in honor of Bernard Schriever a Coronel that retired and once pioneered national development of the ballistic missile plans; he is somehow recognized like “the US father of Air Force’s & missile programs”

The Colorado Schriever Air Force Base is today the home of the fiftieth Space Wing. In addition, the goal is just perfect because the main mission is to control and provide the right command considering the Defense and all the operational satellites. Furthermore, they are always aiming to maintain and fully manage everything properly and worldwide controlling satellites improving their Control Network.

Military Planes Thunderbirds F-16 Flies over Schriever AFB

Schriever AFB Front Sign, Banner

This wing is high tech and it operates at the Schriever AFB centers, it consists of remote tracking spots and stations along with some other worldwide facilities. They can monitor the satellites when they launch, and the orbits are fine following the launch.

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