Fort Rucker

Facts About Fort Rucker Military Base

Fort Rucker is the nation’s aviation service capital, located just on the lower section of south eastern Alabama. There are a total of 3 service entrances that enables entrance to the facility which is North West of Dothan, approximately 20 miles and South of Montgomery at an estimated 80 miles. There are enterprises structured in Ozark and Daleville which are located south, east and west post respectively. This development is conveniently located close to the Georgia and Florida State line.

This establishment is plotted on 64, 500 acres in the “Wiregrass” area of the countryside. Geneva, Houston and Coffee counties situated close by and are leased and government owned properties that possess specialized post along with the Dale county division. There area is over populated by woodland, streams and lakes with a very close proximity to the fisherman’s paradise, Gulf of Mexico.

The operatives assigned to the post in this organization, are committed to their goal to supply the aviation force with their required needs to effectively accomplish the worldwide mission. These developments are carried out for materials, soldiers, training, concepts, organization and doctrines. Aviation services are also provided to non-residents and residents to sustain the entire force and other foreign nations that require assistance.

Entrance to Fort Rucker Military Base
Helicopter at Fort Rucker

On a daily basis the Fort Rucker community is populated with over 14, 000 individuals, which includes 3, 200 family members of military operatives, 5, 100 maintenance workers, and a total of 6, 400 contract employees and civilians, along with 14, 500 retirees on post.

This joint venture operative development is well reputable and has been about since World War II. The operatives were assigned to conduct maintenance for manpower mobilization which is terms in the world history. A total of 333, 000 uniformed females and 16 million males were mobilized; therefore requirements were implemented to create Camp Rucker, military bases and training camps to accommodate these changes.

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