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Fort McPherson VIP chatting

Fort McPherson

Fort McPherson Facts Location: Atlanta, Georgia Website: Visit Fort McPherson Website › Phone: (404) 464-2980 Longitude: -84.42842 Latitude: 33.712388 DSN: 367-2980 With its many historical appearances, the Fort McPherson still stands prominent above other traditional and newly developed military bases. The sub-division received its current name in the year 1885, in honor of a superior […]

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Fort Gillem New Building opening

Fort Gillem

Fort Gillem Facts Location: Forest Park, Georgia Website: Visit Fort Gillem Website › Phone: (404) 469-7311 Longitude: -84.327812 Latitude: 33.624624 DSN: 797-7311 The Clayton County Communities alongside the Fort Gillem installation has worked in partnership for approximately 60 years, which began in the year 1941. The installation now stands prominently as Fort Gillem, which was […]

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Fort Benning Soldiers Show off

Fort Benning

Fort Benning Facts Location: Columbus in Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties in Georgia Website: Visit Fort Benning Website › Phone: (706) 545-2011 Longitude: -84.979763 Latitude: 32.340811 DSN: 835-2011 The Fort Benning military facility located in South, Georgia obtained its name from Henry Lewis Benning, a Civil War General who was also a reputable Columbus citizen. The […]

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Aberdeen Proving Ground Military Machinery

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen Proving Ground Facts Location: Near Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland Website: Visit Aberdeen Proving Ground Website › Phone: (410) 278-5201 Longitude: -76.15654 Latitude: 39.467342 DSN: 298-5201 The Aberdeen Proving Ground was founded on October 20, 1917 is the oldest operational proving ground of the United Stated Army. It has the world’s leading facilities in the […]

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Two solders act like working in Fort Gordon Garrison Command

Fort Gordon Garrison Command

Fort Gordon Garrison Command Facts Location: Augusta, Georgia Website: Visit Fort Gordon Garrison Website › Phone: (706) 791-0110 Longitude: -82.225171 Latitude: 33.359001 DSN: 780-0110 Fort Gordon Garrison Command Military base, constitutes over 12, 000 soldiers and 4, 600 civilians. The installation is situated in a prominent location just a few miles on the south western […]

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Honolulu Fort Shafter From Sky

Fort Shafter

Fort Shafter Facts Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Website: Visit Fort Shafter Website › Phone: (808) 449-7110 Longitude: -157.888553 Latitude: 21.338836 DSN: N/A Fort Shafter is located in Honolulu and the base of Pacific Command of US Army, the Army Corps of Engineers of the Pacific Ocean Division and Major authority of the US Armed Forces in […]

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Camp Blanding Tank at front yard

Camp Blanding

Camp Blanding Facts Location: Clay County, Florida near the city of Starke Website: Visit Website › Phone: (904) 682-3357 Longitude: -81.98 Latitude: 29.955 DSN: N/A Florida Camp Blanding is closely associated with army training facility in the world war. As originally built as public training reservation in a year of 1939, it is particularly built […]

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Pine Bluff Arsenal Experimental Guns

Pine Bluff Arsenal

Pine Bluff Arsenal Facts Location: Jefferson County,  northwest of the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas Website: Visit Pine Bluff Arsenal Website › Phone: (870) 540-3217 Longitude: -92.06852 Latitude: 34.295232 DSN: 966-3217 Pine Bluff is considered to one our nations major chemical weapon facility. There are only 9 Army installations in the USA that stored chemical weapons […]

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Harsh Obstacle course Fort Hunter Liggett

Fort Hunter Liggett

Fort Hunter Liggett Facts Location: Central coast of California Website: Visit Fort Hunter Liggett Website › Phone: (831) 386-2506 Longitude: -121.2306495 Latitude: 35.97 DSN: N/A FHL is a fort located in central coast of California. It is about 250 miles north of L A and about 150 miles south of San Francisco. In 1940 the War […]

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Fort Irwin Military from sky

Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin Facts Location: California Website: Visit Fort Irwin Website › Phone: (760) 380-1110 Longitude: -116.702614 Latitude: 35.463606 DSN: 470-111 While the history of Fort Irwin can probably traced back into the 1700s, it is no surprise that the sheer beauty of the area has kept many visitors as well as its residents a sense […]

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Fort Carson Soldiers Parade

Fort Carson

Fort Carson Facts Location: El Paso, Colorado Website: Visit Fort Carson Website › Phone: (719) 526-5811 Longitude: -104.75 Latitude: 38.68 DSN: 691-5811 The US Army Fort Carson was constructed in 1942 and has a prominent location in El Paso, Colorado. Another name for the Fort Carson facility is the Mountain Post and it is nestled […]

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Fort Wainwright Alaska Military hospital

Fort Wainwright

Fort Wainwright Facts Location: Fairbanks in the inner region of Alaska Website: Visit Fort Wainwright Website › Phone: (907) 353-1110 Longitude: -147.643032 Latitude: 64.827762 DSN: 317-353-1110 Alaska Fort Wainwright is situated next to Fairbanks in the inner region of Alaska. The base is situated in the North Start Borough. An Alaska borough is same to […]

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Presidio of Monterey soldier practicing

Presidio of Monterey

Presidio of Monterey Facts Location: Peninsula on Northern California Coast Website: Visit Presidio of Monterey Website › Phone: (831) 242-5119 Longitude: -121.910765 Latitude: 36.603161 DSN: 768-5119 Based in Peninsula on Northern California coast, it becomes center of Military Intelligence Battalion and Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Tracing back to few years ago, the California […]

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Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area From sky

Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA)

Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area Facts Location: Eastern of San Francisco, California Website: Visit Camp Parks Website › Phone: (925) 875-4650 Longitude: -121.89751 Latitude: 37.716825 DSN: N/A Have you ever heard about CaliforniaCamp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA)? Based in the Eastern of San Francisco bay, it was formerly known as Camp Parks. […]

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Yuma Proving Ground Helicopter landing

Yuma Proving Ground

Yuma Proving Ground Facts Location: Southwestern La Paz County and western Yuma County in southwestern Arizona Website: Visit Yuma Proving Ground Website › Phone: (928) 328-3287 Longitude: -114.429131 Latitude: 33.1456 DSN: 899-3287 Yuma Proving Ground was established in 1943 and considered as one of the largest military bases in the whole world with an area […]

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Fort Huachuca Helicopter Landing

Fort Huachuca Army Base

Fort Huachuca Army Base Facts Location: Southeastern part of Arizona Website: Visit Fort Huachuca Website › Phone: (520) 533-2330 Longitude: -110.34874 Latitude: 31.586432 DSN: 821-2330 Covering an area of 70,000 Acres, Fort Huachuca is located in the southeastern part of Arizona which is created in 1877 to protect the southern part of Arizona against the […]

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