Military Plane Take off @ Plane Dover AFB

Dover Air Force Base

Dover AFB Facts Location: Located in Dover, Delaware Website: Visit Website › Phone: (302) 677-3000 Longitude: -75.459805 Latitude: 39.123239 DSN: 445-3000 The Delaware Dover Base is situated right in Dover belonging to Delaware. This is right in the very center of Delmarva (Maryland, Delaware and the precious Virginia) the peninsula.  This base was constructed back in 1941. It is […]

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Naval Station Mayport Military Boats Floating

Naval Station Mayport

Naval Station Mayport Facts Location: East of Jacksonville, Florida Website: Visit NS Mayport Website › Phone: (904) 270-5401 Longitude: -81.420021 Latitude: 30.394199 DSN: 960-5011 It is a major Navy air base in the city of Jacksonville in Florida. It has a major air field with one long runway and it now hosts third largest fleet […]

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MacDill Air Force Base Welcome Sign

MacDill Air Force Base

MacDill AFB Facts Location: Tampa, Florida Website: Visit MacDill AFB Website › Phone: (813) 828-1110 Longitude: -82.508097 Latitude: 27.852205 DSN: 968-1110 Florida MacDill Air Force Base is one of the most important bases in US located 4-miles from city Tampa, Florida. It is home to some of the most important everyday missions in Florida. It is […]

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Naval Air Station Key West Front Entrance

Naval Air Station Key West

NAS Key West Facts Location: Key West, Florida Website: Visit NAS Key West Website › Phone: (305) 293-2268 Longitude: -81.690559 Latitude: 24.574602 DSN: 483-2268 It is basically a military base and naval station located in west of Florida. Its purpose is to provide security to defense organizations in US, which includes national security, allied forces […]

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ISC Miami Logo

Integrated Support Command (ISC) Miami

ISC Miami Facts Location: Miami, Florida Website: Visit ISC Miami Website › Phone: (305) 535-4300 Longitude: -80.15267 Latitude: 25.780996 DSN: N/A Miami is one of the most beautiful places in US, which attracts large number of tourists. It is a popular tourist attraction offering great weather and beautiful beach. Miami has no military base like […]

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Jacksonville Naval Base From Far Away

Naval Air Station Jacksonville

NAS Jacksonville Facts Location: Jacksonville, Florida Website: Visit Jacksonville Website › Phone: (904) 542-2338 Longitude: -81.678028 Latitude: 30.23623 DSN: N/A It is also sometime called Naval Air Station Jacksonville at tomes places and it is located the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The base was built in the year 1940 and it is located near another […]

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Doctor doing research at Naval Hospital Pensacola

Naval Hospital Pensacola

Hospital Pensacola Facts Location: Pensacola, Florida Website: Visit Hospital Pensacola Website › Phone: (850) 505-6601 Longitude: -87.325524 Latitude: 30.402991 DSN: N/A Hospitals in Florida, Pensacola are well equipped to cater for any form of sickness of medical abnormality. The hospitals have the spyglass direct visualization technology equipment, which are used to tread gallbladder, bile duct […]

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Doctor at Naval Hospital Jacksonville testing patient

Naval Hospital Jacksonville

Naval Hospital Jacksonville Facts Location: Jacksonville, Florida Website: Visit Hospital Jacksonville Website › Phone: (904) 542-7300 Longitude: -81.690631 Latitude: 30.210868 DSN: N/A Jacksonville, Florida has not been left out in the advancements in the field of medicine. Hospitals and health facilities in the area are up to the highest standards and the best ever available. […]

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AUTEC Research Submarine after successful operation

Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC)

Autec Complex Facts Location: West Balm Beach, Florida Website: Visit AUTEC Website › Phone: (561) 832-8566 Longitude: -80.0537 Latitude: 26.715 DSN: N/A So the Florida Autec Complex is just great, especially since the Atlantic Undersea exam and Evaluation spot is known and able to meet with specifics. One location is in Florida and the center […]

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Loading a military transport boat at Blount Island Command

Blount Island Command

Blount Island Command Facts Location: Blount Island in the Jacksonville section of the St. John’s River in Florida. Website: Visit Blount Island Command Website › Phone: (904) 696-5051 Longitude: -81.520872 Latitude: 30.406137 DSN: N/A The Florida Blount Island belongs to the Marines Corps’ of the United States of America. It is somehow a Maritime Prepositioning […]

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USCG Boats at Auxiliary 7th District

USCG Auxiliary 7th District

District 7 Facts Location: Miami Florida Website: Visit Website › Phone: (305) 415-6683 Longitude: -80.188406 Latitude: 25.765482 DSN: N/A Located in the Tampa Bay of Florida, Florida District 7 Base is commanded by Rear Admiral William D. Baumgartner. It is the main headquarters of the United States Coast Guard and is responsible for operations of […]

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Eglin Air Force Base Sign At Front Entrance

Eglin Air Force Base

Eglin AFB Facts Location: Valparaiso, Florida Website: Visit Eglin AFB Website › Phone: (850) 882-1110 Longitude: -86.526175 Latitude: 30.483814 DSN: 872-1110 Established in 1935 as a military base to serve as a United States airforce armament proving land, the Florida Eglin Base is located a few miles from the Fort Walton Beach. It covers a […]

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Research work at Marine Safety Lab

USCG Marine Safety Lab

Marine Safety Lab Facts Location: Chelsea Street in New London, Connecticut Website: Visit Marine Safety Lab Website › Phone: (860) 441-2645 Longitude: -72.089 Latitude: 41.402 DSN: N/A The Connecticut Safety Lab is somehow the US Coast Guard’s especially dedicated to many studies focused on marine & maritime safety. This laboratory regularly cares to collect many […]

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Military submarine and boat at New London Submarine Base

Naval Submarine Base New London

New London Submarine Base Facts Lcation: Groton, Connecticut Website: Visit New London Website › Phone: (860) 694-3011 Longitude: -72.086964 Latitude: 41.398115 DSN: 694-3011 The Connecticut Naval Base in New London is pretty much the US Navy’s main submarine base, it is known like the “Submarine Force Home”, & “Submarine World Capital”. The history is impressive […]

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US coast guard academy graduates dressed white

Coast Guard Academy

Coast Academy Facts Location: New London, in the state of Connectic Website: Visit Coast Academy Website › Phone: (860) 444-8444 Longitude: -72.105721 Latitude: 41.345754 DSN: N/A The US Connecticut Coast Academy is somehow the foremost educational place for training and would be the place to deliver optimal Coast officers. This academy’s main place and campus […]

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Military Planes Thunderbirds F-16 Flies over Schriever AFB

Schriever Air Force Base

Schriever AFB Facts Location: Near Colorado Springs in El Paso County Website: Visit Website › Phone: (719) 567-1110 Longitude: -104.52564 Latitude: 38.80338 DSN: 560-1110 Colorado Schriever AFB is situated right in CO Springs, which is the 2nd largest city located in Colorado & situated around eighty miles South of the International Airport. It is magnificent […]

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