Dover Air Force Base

Dover AFB Facts

  • Location: Located in Dover, Delaware
  • Website: Visit Website ›
  • Phone: (302) 677-3000
  • Longitude: -75.459805
  • Latitude: 39.123239
  • DSN: 445-3000

The Delaware Dover Base is situated right in Dover belonging to Delaware. This is right in the very center of Delmarva (Maryland, Delaware and the precious Virginia) the peninsula.  This base was constructed back in 1941. It is huge and Colonel Manson is currently commanding this facility.  It has expanded its doors a lot and it is today home of the known 436th Airlifting Wing, along with the 512th Wing, & the Force Reserve huge Wing. Sometimes, this is even referred as the so called Liberty Wing. The Delaware Dover Air Force consists of 3,900, 2 runways. In addition, it has more than 1,700 buildings!

Dover Air Force Base from sky

The Delaware Dover Defense sources are magnificent; this is in terms of the capabilities such as its aircraft and all the equipment which is directly assigned especially to its base- in monetary terms, it pretty much costs around 5.8 billion dollars. Moreover, this air force even provides around $470 million every other year that goes to local economy- This is also related to the ranking claiming that is Delaware’s 3rd largest industry. This air force base is even home for more than 4,000 military people, approximately 1,200 civilians, not to mention the 2,500 reservists.Military Plane Take off @ Plane Dover AFB

Transport plane arrives at Dover Air Force Base

In addition, the Delaware Dover Team’s has a specific and perfect goal. The mission is pretty much to emphasize on amenities to fly great and to fully provide many strategic global airlift capabilities. This way they can enhance their current development and their performance can touch the sky. Their main mission then is helping a lot since they even house an extensive aerial port which is the biggest one worldwide. The port is also the most extensive one in the Delaware Defense Department and you may already know that it plays a very important role as to honor a spot where killed personnel bodies remain.

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