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Soldiers with flag at Camp Fallujah

Camp Fallujah (MEK Compound)

Fallujah is a big city forty miles to the west of Baghdad. The city is magnificent. It was there, at the beginning of the War of the Gulf, that a British plane with the intention of bombarding a bridge had fallen accidental two bombs guided by laser in a market full of people. Between 50 […]

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Concert at Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib

The Iraq Ghurayb Prison is huge. Moreover, the Abu Ghurayb, prison, is located approximately twenty miles specifically west of extensive Baghdad; it is actually where Saddam Kamal that was once the head of Special Security Organization once oversaw torture & the execution of many even thousands of important political prisoners. This prison was and is […]

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hard studies at USAG Stuttgart

USAG Stuttgart

The United States Army Garrison is located in the city of Stuttgart in the south of Germany. It operates as the center of flight operations and works along other US air bases in other cities of Germany. It is the permanent location of US Army headquarters. The base operates under the command of Colonel Carl […]

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Surgeon in action at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC)

The LMRC consists of 2 Landstuhl houses Fisher ready to provide a “home far from the home” for the families and the patients who receive medical attention in the Medical Regional Center Landstuhl, Landstuhl, Germany. The families it is served the European Command of USA, Central Command of USA, Command of Special Operations of USA, […]

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Soldiers at Patrick Henry Village

Patrick Henry Village (PHV)

The Patrick Henry base is also sometimes known asPatrickHenryVillageshort for PHV. The base is located in the city ofHeidelbergin the south west ofGermany. The base was completed in 1947 after World War II and it was named after the Governor of Virginia. The base is designed to facilitate troops and workers living with their families. […]

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Camp Arifjan

Camp Arifjan

Camp Arifjan is a military base that is located in the southern part of Kuwait City and in the western part of Shuaiba Port. The base is home to the United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard. It also plays hosts to the deployed active […]

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Well known dinning facility of Camp Zama

Camp Zama

Camp Zama is situated 40 km in the southwestern part of Tokyo, Japan which is a United States Army installation. This serves as the major headquarter of the United States Army stationed in Japan and houses the US Army Japan, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade, US Army Japan Aviation Detachment, 78th Signal Battalion, 4th Engineer Group […]

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Tower at Camp Bondsteel

Camp Bondsteel

Camp Bondsteel is situated in east of Kosovo near Urosevac and was named in honor of Vietnam War awardee, US Army Staff Sergeant James L. Bondsteel. Camp Bondsteel is the major base of the United States Army under the command of Kosovo. It also serves as headquarters for NATO and home to the 7,000 servicemen. […]

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soldiers practice at USAG Schweinfurt

USAG Schweinfurt

It is also known as USAG Schweinfurt and it is located in the town of Bavaria, Germany. The base was constructed during World War I and it was widely used during Second World War. The base had a ball baring manufacturing company that was severely destroyed by Nazi Germany during World War II. The city […]

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baseball field USAG Garmisch

USAG Garmisch

Germany Garmisch, known as officially Garmisch-Partenkirchen, is a very nice city locality placed in Bavaria’s Alps on the market German – southwest of the border with Austria the city of Munich. Garrison of Army of the USA known as USAG Garmisch today provides support to the community to that of George C. Marshall European Center […]

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Fort Knox sign and staute

Fort Knox

Visiting the Kentucky Fort Knox, the visitors will get surprised with a strong bond between soldiers, people, civilians and family who come together for the unity of nation’s defense. This community could reflect the harmony between military and civilians. The residents on post and off post are working together and share the task equally to […]

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Areal View of Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell

Basically situated on Kentucky, the Kentucky Fort Campbell has perfect ability to install the mission ready contingency force by rail, air, waterway and highway. It acquires honor as the only home for Air Assault Division, which is known as 101st Airborne Division. Also it accommodates two high-status particular operation command unit like the fifth Special […]

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Soldiers trip near USAG Hohenfels

USAG Hohenfels

From 2005, Hohenfels was a small installation with approximately 5.000 in active service, members of the family, and the civilians. The total included population: personal 2012 in active service, 670 civilians, 618 natives of the country in 618, 2.000 members of the family, and 2.500 of other persons included the scholars to what at the […]

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Fort Riley main sign

Fort Riley

Have you ever visited Kansas Fort Riley? There a lot of surprising things can be seen. The building of Fort Riley was built in 1853 and comes with some heritages like Buffalo Soldiers and Armstrong Custer in ninetieth century. Also, the soldiers from big battle between twentieth and twentieth one century are well described. It […]

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Sign of Fort Leavenworth

USAG Fort Leavenworth

As the most remarkable history army installation in the nation, Kansas Fort Leavenworth hold such a number of historic investigations which had been conducted few decades ago and all has been preserved in good memory since 1970. Its vast location covers up to 23 km which already includes NHLD (natural Historic Landmark District). This preservation […]

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USAG Mannheim Summit

USAG Mannheim

The military community of Mannheim is in the southwest of Germany, to approximately 100 kilometers (km) / 60 miles to the south of Frankfurt already 25 miles to the northwest km/15 of Heidelberg. It contains specific indications for the personnel of coming they can be in the section that you desire. USAG Mannheim Facts Website: […]

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