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Real combat practice at Army Garrison Schinnen

U.S. Army Garrison Schinnen

This is an American Base and it is today house of the Garrison Army of United States Schinnen & you marry the numerous retail and exits of service. The concessions in Schinnen include Baskin Robbins Frozen, Antonio’s Pizza, and the King of Hamburger. The Restaurant of Top is located inside the Center of Skittles. You […]

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Interior of Watervliet Arsenal

Watervliet Arsenal

Located in the New York region , city Watervliet in the west bank of Hudson River , here lays the arsenal of the U.S army.Coordinations 42 ° 43’06 “N 73 ° 42’31” W .Being active since 1966 is the oldest arsenal in the U.S and it continuously produces the artillery for the army and gun […]

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Tents at Camp New York

Camp New York

In conformity with the constitution of Kuwait, the Emir of Kuwait is the supreme commander of the armed forces with a Defense Secretary who heads on the Military men of Chief of Kuwait of General Personnel. The National Guard has his own commander, who does a report directly to the Defense Secretary. Public security forces […]

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Torii Station symbol - sword

Torii Station

The Japan Torii facility Station is situated right in Yomitanson, at the Okinawa Prefecture, in the precious Japan. Today, it houses tenth Support Area Group, along with the first Battalion, some units & activities and even the first Forces Group. They are responsible for an optimized and critical functionality for United States services there on […]

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Camp Virginia Sign

Camp Virginia

Another base for the United States military forces in the northern part of Kuwait is Camp Virginia. This base is mainly under the control of the Air Support Operations Centre. By the name of what controls the camp, you should get the clue that this is for jet planes and other such planes used for […]

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Soldiers at Camp Spearhead

Camp Spearhead

Camp Spearhead, found in Shuaiba, Kuwait, was heavily in use during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is north of Camp Patriot which is also a military base of the United States. Those served at Camp Spearhead include military forces from the superpower countries, United Kingdom and the United States. As home to these tired and […]

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Security guard at Camp Patriot

Camp Patriot

Situated in the South western coast of the country of Kuwait is the Kuwait Navy Base that’s otherwise known as Camp Patriot. During the time of Operation Enduring freedom—around the beginning of the 2st century—the base was home to more than 3,000 soldiers of the American-led Coalition that were fighting in Iraq. Camp Patriot boasts […]

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Soldiers filling sandbags at Camp Doha

Camp Doha

In the north of the city of Kuwait is found a warehouse complex that goes by the name Camp Doha. This was used by the army of the United States towards the end of the Gulf War. To this day, the camp is still in use. This was established during the Desert Thunder I mission. […]

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Stage for auditions at Camp Buehring

Camp Buehring

The military forces of the United States had made full use of Camp Buehring as their base camp during their war in Iraq. This camp, situated in Kuwait, has seen American soldiers coming to and from the Iraqi border which is just 15 miles away from the camp. Troops known to have set food of […]

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Sign of Wiesbaden Army Airfield

USAG Wiesbaden Army Airfield

Weibaden is the home for the Europe based United States Air Force which is located at the Lindsey Air Station since 1953 to 1973. At present, the United States 1st Armored Division is based at the Wiesbaden Army Airfield near Autobahn on its way to Frankfurt. The base is present with small American housing areas […]

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View from another base to Fort Buckner

Fort Buckner

It is actually an army base which is located next to a camp known as Camp Foster in the Okinawa, Japan. It is noted that, only two signal Battalion are there on forts. Torii Station is essentially where all the army related support for unit is positioned. All sorts of living and luxurious facilities are […]

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Soldiers training at Camp Darby

Camp Darby

Camp Darby is located near Pisa in Italy, and it is also a United States Military Base. The Camp is named for the memory of Brigadier General William O. Darby. NATO took several military efforts in Southern Europe in 1952, and as a result some military based or camps were made in Italy then. Camp […]

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beautiful Sunset from Forward Operating Base Sykes

Forward Operating Base Sykes

Still now there are so many FOBs in Iraq. Some FOBs are closing because mission is being changed now and then. Though there are many forward operation bases all over the country. These army bases are playing a vital role to reduce violence of the country. Some FOBs will close shortly, because the situations and […]

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Soldiers stands steal at Caserma Ederle

Caserma Ederle

By the cooperation for NATO the US Army has gotten another base named Caserma Ederle. The Caserma Ederle is also known as Camp Ederle. Actually it was an Italian base, and currently American Army is using the base. The base is situated at Vicenza in Italy. Basically it is like a home of the US […]

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soldier equipped at Forward Operating Base Grizzly

Forward Operating Base Grizzly

The Operational headquarters Grizzly (Grizzly FOB) has actually suffered numerous changes the name, and Spartan FOB has gone away, for rotation, Grizzly FOB, FOB and barbarian.  The operational headquarters treat itself about an army of The United States located in the interior of Ashram’s fields, near the so called Al Jalis in Iraq, which is […]

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Building at Camp Victory

Camp Victory

At Iraq Camp Victory, it is known that some soldiers in tone of joke refer as the Campus of the Victory “, the war seems beyond that the distant explosions – in spite of the extensive base near International Airport of Baghdad it is the headquarters of the military men of USA in Iraq. This […]

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