Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC)

The LMRC consists of 2 Landstuhl houses Fisher ready to provide a “home far from the home” for the families and the patients who receive medical attention in the Medical Regional Center Landstuhl, Landstuhl, Germany. The families it is served the European Command of USA, Central Command of USA, Command of Special Operations of USA, and 72 embassies in Europe, Africa and Middle East. From today, we are proud to have supported more than 9.500 families, 2.433 of these families came from the Operation Liberty (OEF-Afghanistan) or the Operation New Dawn (before OIF). Also we are proud to say that they have helped to 27 countries of the coalition in the time of his families of the need.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Facts

  • Website: Visit LRMC Website ›
  • Location: Near Landstuhl, Germany
  • Phone: 011-49-8821-750-1110
  • Latitude: 47.492343
  • Longitude: 11.086231
  • DSN: 314-440-1110

Eligibility and Cost

All the services can be activated by military pensioners, family of military men, the civilians of the Department of Defense and members of the forces of the coalition who live at least through 50 kilometers of distance of the hospital are eligible. In order to serve to our families in crisis, we cannot do reservations. The references can be done with a week of anticipation. The confirmation is given normally one day before the arrival. There is no post to remain in Fisher’s House and the demand of the rooms is high, because of this, the families must make a plan of safety copy and be fully prepared.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Areal View of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Main entrance of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Surgeon in action at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Regional Landstuhl Medical Center LMRC is the biggest hospital of America out of the United States, and the only hospital of the third level of America in Europe. It is a question of a fully accredited establishment of health that it gives services to approximately 100.000 beneficiaries of primary care and 245.000 beneficiaries total in the European Control. CMLP has treated more than 58.000 military men and civilians, that there include the Department of Defense civilians, contractors and members of the military coalition of 44 countries.

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