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Soldiers at Al Udeid Air Base

Al Udeid Air Base

The military base Qatar Al-Udeid’s, where already are emphasized more than 5.000 soldiers and several planes of combat, and that possesses the longest runway of the region.  For days, Al Udeid, to approximately 30 kilometers to the suburbs of Doha, looks like a beehive in full activity, with planes that land and take off constant […]

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Many planes at Lajes Field

Lajes Field

Lajes’s military American base is placed in the island Terceira of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, to approximately 1.500 kilometers of Lisbon and, therefore, equidistant of three countries that lead today the summit. The base works as an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean of the USA, which pays 55 million Euros per year […]

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CH-47 takeoff from Transit Center at Manas

Transit Center at Manas

Today the AFB Kyrgyzstan Manas, also known as Gancy, it serves like a military spot of USA in the Flow with the Airport which is situated near Bishkek that is the Kirguizstan’s capital. These air bases in are firstly handled by the Air American Forces. East Kirgizstan the installation of air Base was a tax […]

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Soldiers fully equipped at Yokota Air Base

Yokota Air Base

Japan Yokota’s air Base is a base of the Air Force of The United States, located in Fussa’s city in Tokyo, Japan. The base works as the headquarters of the army of The United States parked in Japan. It shelters to 14.000 workforce, and is used for air missions that include this Asian. The base […]

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Main control tower at Thule Air Base

Thule Air Base

The Thule United States Air Base was opened on 1941 when Greenland gave the complete control of their security in the US making it the only military station of the United States in the northern part of the world.  From a simple weather station in 19151, it became an airbase whose prime mission is to […]

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Military planes at Misawa Air Base

Misawa Air Base

Misawa Air Base is the home for 35th Fighter Wing which is situated in the northern side of Japan and is the only joint service unit in Western Pacific which is a home to the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and Japan Defense Forces which can be seen once in a while. It […]

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Plane launch at Kadena Air Base

Kadena Air Base

Kadena Air Base is the apex, peak or climax of all military air activities in Japan, with the sole purpose of managing the affairs and operations in the whole region. Kadena, the city of Okinawa and Chatan are in charge of the United States Air Force Base. It is the main point of airpower in […]

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military planes at Aviano Air Base

Aviano Air Base

At the foot of the famous Alps in Italy there an Air base of American Air Force is located named Aviano. The well known 31st Fighter Wing is located in Aviano, and it is a major air component of the US European Command. To maintain and logistic support there are two operational fighter squadrons are […]

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Plane at Joint Base Balad showing off

Joint Base Balad

The Iraq Balad base is somehow bleating in Iraq, to be more precise northern spot about 68 miles of the extensive North of Baghdad. Furthermore, the AFB base known as one of the largest air bases in Iraq. The aerodrome has two channels of approximately 11,000 & 11,300 feet as the length, respectively. Today, it […]

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Spangdahlem Air Base

It is a major US Air Force base located in small town of Spangdahlem in the city of Trier, Germany. The base host 52nd Fighter Wing comprising of some of the most sophisticated fighter jet planes such as F-16, Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt and more. The base also supports NATO operations including radar services. The […]

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Overview of Ramstein Air Base

Ramstein Air Base

It is a major US Air Force base in Germanyand it is located near the town of Ramstein. It also operates as the headquarters of US Air Forces Europe. The base also works as the headquarters of NATO installations. Beside USmilitary forces it is also home to military personnel from other countries including Poland, Germany, […]

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Andersen Air Force Base - Many B52 planes together

Andersen Air Force Base

The Andersen Air Force Base was established in 1944 bearing the name of North Field as a United States air base in Guam which provides aircraft support to the US naval campaign in the Pacific.  This is the home for the 36th Wing which is under the Pacific Air Forces Thirteenth Air Force which is […]

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McConnell Air Force Base main Building

McConnell Air Force Base

Paying a visit at Kansas Mcconnell could be a bridge into another world of your current life, where the visitors are acknowledged into the real life of military. This site is actually situated in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. The name is an honor for Mc Connell and Wichita brothers Fred who have been pilots and […]

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F15 lands at Graf Ignatievo Air Base

Graf Ignatievo Air Base

The base is also known as Graf Igantievo Air Base and it is located in a small town of Graf Ignatievo in the city of Plodiv in Bulgaria. It is the only base of jet fighter planes commissioned with two squadrons of jet planes. The base was built in 1930 by the government of Adolph […]

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Soldiers standing at Bezmer AFB territory

Bezmer Air Force Base

It is also known as Bezmer Air Force base and it is located in a small town of Yambol in Bulgaria. The base was named after Khan of Bezmar from 7th Century. The base played a small role in World War I in providing support to zeppelins, which were used to drop bombs in some […]

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Map of US Bulgarian bases

Aitos Logistics Center

Bulgaria Aitos is also known as Aitos Logistics Center and it is located in a small town of Aitos in the republic of Bulgaria. The base is one of four bases that were established in the republic of Bulgaria through Defense Cooperation Agreement between United States and Bulgaria in 2006. The main purpose of the […]

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