Kadena Air Base

Kadena Air Base is the apex, peak or climax of all military air activities in Japan, with the sole purpose of managing the affairs and operations in the whole region. Kadena, the city of Okinawa and Chatan are in charge of the United States Air Force Base. It is the main point of airpower in this area and a variety of associate units. The 18th wing is the host wing in Kadena Air Base and it is broken down into five groups namely: The 18th Operations Group, the 18th Maintenance Group, the 18th Medical Group, the 18th Civil Engineer Group, and the 18th Mission Support Group.

An important residential area on the south eastern side and airport facilities on the north-western side makes up the main layout of the base. The high quality residential facilities on the base are highly outstanding and prominent; in fact, anybody who is thinking of taking an accompanied tour to the Kadena Air Base will no doubt is impressed and enjoyably surprised. Also you can rest assured that the family will live a very normal life, as normal as possible with the school and its recreational and co-curriculum activities to suit the taste of anyone.

Kadena Air Base Areal View

Kadena Air Base - F15 military plane

Kadena Air Base Team Logo

Soldiers departure at Kadena Air Base

Plane launch at Kadena Air Base

The need to maintain a great and important naval occurrence in Okinawa was emphasized in the Korean conflict of 1950 and on Feb 1951, Naval Facility was created and later commissioned on the 18th April and Ryukyus was appointed in 1957 as Commander Fleet Activities. Upon the deterioration of Okinawa on May 15, 1972, the 2 organizations were merged together to establish Commander Fleet Activities. The title was then changed and became Commander of the Fleet Activities as a result of the relocation of Commander Fleet Activities to Kadena Air Base on May 7th 1975.

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