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Soldiers at Joint Force Command Brunssum

Joint Force Command Brunssum

This Base-Brunssum of the Equipment of Combat of 7 soldiers a workforce of 200 Dutch nationalist that assure that all the equipment can be useful for the soldiers in remains of the campaign in the conditions of the 1st class for even sending everywhere worldwide in notice of a moment. CEB-BR’s the goal and mission […]

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Royal interior at Victory Base Complex

Victory Base Complex

This Base Complex is located at Baghdad Airport. The name victory had come after Iraq got his real victory. After defeated General Saddam Hussein the American Air Force had joint their nine base camps into a base complex. The complex is actually a combination of 9 individual camps. The main work of the complex is […]

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Sunset at Combat Outpost Shocker

Combat Outpost Shocker

The Iraq Cop Shocker fights against the advanced Position Shocker- it is all about CP Shocker to be rapid. This is a base of the United States of the coalition and this ended the Construction in October, 2007. CP Shocker is in Zurbatiyah, Iraq. The Surprise CP is near the third Iraqi region of the […]

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Camp Taji fitness center

Camp Taji

The Iraq airfield Taji of the Army is around twenty seven km to the northwest of the center of Baghdad, in Taji’s city. Moreover, studies linked to the War of the air energy of the entire Gulf; a zone of Operations Center is situated located in the huge Al Taji. This AFB is actually represented […]

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Insane rocket launcher at Camp Bucca

Camp Bucca

 The Field Bucca, Iraq was a field of the prisoners (the enclosure in September, 2009) supported by the army of the United States in Umm Qasr’s environment, Iraq. They called to the installation initially the Field Freddy and it was used by the British forces when the Iraqi prisoners of war rested. The Brigade of […]

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Plane at Joint Base Balad showing off

Joint Base Balad

The Iraq Balad base is somehow bleating in Iraq, to be more precise northern spot about 68 miles of the extensive North of Baghdad. Furthermore, the AFB base known as one of the largest air bases in Iraq. The aerodrome has two channels of approximately 11,000 & 11,300 feet as the length, respectively. Today, it […]

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Sign of Ali Al Salem Air Base

Ali Al Salem Air Base

Ali Al Salem Airbase is known as “The Rock” because of the perfect geographical location which stands on an elevated ground 39 miles away from the Iraq border. This is a military airbase in Kuwait that is under the command of the Kuwait Air Force.  The airbase played host to the personnel and aircraft of […]

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Overview of Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base

Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base

The Airborn NATO of Early Alert and Control of the specific force of a few components is the so called NATO parked in Geilenkirchen’s Air Base that is located in Germany. This unit today includes around 3,000 civil and military members of the NATO represents to the thirteen nations of NATO, since expire with the […]

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Soldiers trip near USAG Hohenfels

USAG Hohenfels

From 2005, Hohenfels was a small installation with approximately 5.000 in active service, members of the family, and the civilians. The total included population: personal 2012 in active service, 670 civilians, 618 natives of the country in 618, 2.000 members of the family, and 2.500 of other persons included the scholars to what at the […]

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real action practice at US Army Garrison Brussels

US Army Garrison Brussels

The United States Army Garrison Brussels is the US Army liason to NATO headquarters and also to the European Units which are housed in Brussels. The United States Army Garrison Brussels mission is to perform the executive functions in support to all the US government agencies including the Department of States, Department of Defense and […]

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Helicopter at Shindand Airbase

Shindand Airbase

Shindand Airbase is seven miles in the northwester part of Sabzwar City and in western side of Herat Province in Afghanistan. The weather resistant asphalt road connects the airbase to the Farat-Herat Highway. Shindand airfield used to be a Soviet airfield and was repaired by the US Armed Forces.  The location is ideal for an […]

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Terminal And areal View of Kandahar Airport

Kandahar Airfield

Known as the Kandahar International Airport, this facility was built by the United States in the 1960s as part of the international aid projects. This project has served many purposes during and after the wars in Afghanistan and surrounding countries. The facility was first constructed to serve as a military airfield but is now serving […]

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