Tinker Air Force Base

The Oklahoma Tinker AFB is known as a major United States Air Force facility, with a Navy & a Defense department goal and missions; it is located right in Oklahoma City zone and directly south suburb Midwest City. This base was actually named to honor Oklahoma Major General called Clarence Tinker; he was the 1st American General. This base consists of approximately 26,000 civilian and military employees & in addition, it is somehow the largest site employer there in Oklahoma. This installation actually covers around nine square miles & it has like 760 buildings consisting of building floor over 15,200,000. Moreover, this base appears to be bounded by the I-40 right there north & I-240 in terms of south.

Tinker Air Force Base Facts

Oklahoma Tinker is headquarters of Air Force Command’s in Oklahoma Air Logistics facility that is somehow worldwide manager of wide ranges in terms of aircrafts, all sorts of engines, many missiles, impotent software & avionics not to mention the many accessories items. The special commander OC-ALC appears to be General David Gillett, Junior. He is 1 of 3 Air Force, while the others are Ogden Logistics Center located at Hill AFB, in Utah & also Warner Robins system Air Logistics facility at Robins Air force base, Georgia.

Visitors day at Tinker AFB

Logistics center at Tinker Air Force Base

Plane at Tinker Air Force Base

K9 at Tinker Air Force Base

Moreover, Oklahoma Tinker houses Navy’s Strategic Wing One known as TACAM, it is a fully integrated Navy wing in AFB, it employs like 1,300 on active-duty officers, sailors & 100 important contractors in order to provide the right maintenance, proper security, many operations, along with administration, full training & logistic support especially meant and designed for Navy’s E-6B aircraft fleet.

With Oklahoma City & the Oklahoma County is the right spot and it is owning many square miles in terms of land which is actually adjacent to this Oklahoma base. The Tinker is 1 of few military places in major metropolitans’ zones with enough room to expand.

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