Vance Air Force Base

The Vance Air Force Base is simply great and outstanding. The many tasks are performed in such a way to maintain high performance. The Part of the specific Air Education & the Training Command cannot be missed. The Vance AFB is strategically situated in the Location of Oklahoma! So much history to learn about, you will be delighted.

Vance Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Vance AFB Website ›
  • Location: Enid Oklahoma
  • Phone: (580) 213-7110
  • Latitude: 36.342196
  • Longitude: -97.903367
  • DSN: 448-7110

Are you familiar with the Flying Training (71st) of Wing Emblem? Keep reading to find out more. This AFB is a USA facility that has evolved a lot. It is more precisely located six km (around 3 nautical miles) from downtown Enid, & within this place, it is actually northwest of Oklahoma. Furthermore, this Air force base was once named right after the World War II super hero & Medal Honor Col Leon Vance Junior.

The special host unit located here in the Vance Force is actually the Flying Training 71st Wing and it is today part of the magnificent Air Training and education Command’, the 19th AF. Furthermore, the commander is nowadays the so called Colonel Russell Mack while the vice is the respectful Colonel Roger Witek.

T-38 planes at Vance Air Force Base

Vance Air Force Base

Soldiers at Vance AFB

Sign of Vance Air Force Base

Their mission along with the units are impressive, the history has a lot to show everyone. The many base operating units are highly mastered and constantly operating. It is one of the most important bases since everything started. Thing have improved a lot and they can even deal with current imperfections and problems.

Moreover, the so called 71st Flying Wing meant for training actually aims for the best. It is part of a spot looking to educate, too and to fully train many world-class officers and future pilots for USA Air Force, the Navy, the Marine Corps, & the Allies. They are also ready to fully get going the respective Expeditionary Force that is to say, the warriors to actually deploy by having the right support of all the combatant commanders.

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