Altus Air Force Base

The Oklahoma Altus Air Force is a great United States base which is located around four miles east Altus more precise north east Oklahoma. This host unit Altus AFB considered the Air Mobility Wing actually 97 AMW and it is today assigned to Air Education & Training Commands 19th Air Force. This wing mission and goal is to fully provide Globe master along with KC-135 Strato tank school initially and also advanced specialties training land and programs for even 3000 students per year.

Altus Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Altus AFB Website ›
  • Location: Altus, Oklahoma
  • Phone: (580) 482-8100
  • Latitude: 34.663887
  • Longitude: -99.273888
  • DSN: 866-1110

In addition the Oklahoma Altus was backing established 1943 like Altus Airfield and the ninety seven commanders Colonel Jon Thomas- Command in Chief Sergeant Robert Austin.

The Altus Air Force Base, hosts 97th MW, it provides full quality training in order to produce finest combating ready crew members all for United States AF. This wing together with the goal and mission, is able to keep up with the instructor strength operational currency to qualify with combat prepared air crew members, they can deploy augment contingencies all over the world. Moreover this maintains around 500 mobility people fully ready to then deploy whenever there are times and notice in support considering many national interests.

Altus AFB Main Gate Sign

Areal View of Altus Air Force Base

Altus AFB and C-17

Altus Air Force Base and shuttle discovery launch

The Oklahoma Altus base is operating properly and today it supports like 2,000 permanent personnel, military and civilians. In addition, like 3,000 military people & families are today living on a base & are large amount of militarist that are living off base.

The 97th Operational Group- the plans are designed & execute C-17, along with KC-135 school which is formal, initial & also an advanced training program for 3000 students every year. The best part is it sustains Globemaster Stratotanker and airland, with airdrop the air mobility forces, in this way it provides global reach meant for combat with contingency operational tasks.

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