Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The Ohio Wright Patterson AFB is situated between Greene County & the Montgomery County; it is close to Dayton in OH. It was actually constructed back in 1917 and as Patterson Fields n´ Wilbur Wright Fields & in addition it is currently house of 88th Air Force Base Wing. Nowadays the Patterson tests, designs and even fully modifies several future weapons and it has the total help of more than 10,000 researchers, engineers and scientists. This base is considered somehow the most organizational complex and the largest one among the currently existing bases in Air Force.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Wright-Patterson AFB Website ›
  • Location: Greene County and Montgomery County, near Dayton, Ohio
  • Phone: (937) 257-1110
  • Latitude: 39.826731
  • Longitude: -84.04832
  • DSN: 787-1110

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base even employs around 24,000 individuals making around the 5th huge employer in precious Ohio. In addition, it is home of around seventy units of seven different AFB commands and of multiple Departments of Defenses organizations. This force base has a fantastic studying and research facility & also cares about the development, the center is great!

So back in November 1917, was out there with the Army Service like World War full installations. The Wright Patterson AFB was established back in 1948 like a Patterson merger & Wright Fields. The respective air Base Wings is actually commanded by the colonel Amanda Gladney. In addition the Commander in Chief is Shelina Frey. This air force base had approximately 27,406 militaries, civilians & even contracts employees working right there in Patterson AFB. It is very diverse and the flight testing and spanning right into the Space Age cannot be missed.

Wright-Patterson and National Museum of the United States Air Force

Monument at Wright-Patterson  AFB

Areal View of Wright-Patterson AFB

Famous plane at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

This spot is just fantastic and it is a great facility to meet many needs, just as it houses the known and sophisticated 45th Airlifting Wing part of Reserve Commands, it is all about Air Mobility Commanding and gained unit that fully flies C-5 Galaxy very heavy airlifter. The Wright-Patterson appears to be headquarters of Aeronautical System Center & AF Research Laboratory.

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