Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The New Hampshite Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is usually called Portsmouth Yard; it is a USA Navy shipyard which is located right in Kittery this is on southern Maine boundary next to Portsmouth. It is good for remodeling & repairing Navy’s ships. This facility is at times confused with Norfolk Naval Ship yard that is located in Portsmouth but Virginia.

Portsmouth Shipyard Facts

This place was established back on June, 1800 and it took place during administration of the President and he was John Adams, this is like the oldest shipyard that is constantly operating in the USA Navy. This is like on cluster of islands named Seavey Island and the best part is, it prevents the ice from blocking anything. This area has great tradition, especially when it comes to shipbuilding.

Since the colonial settlement, the forests were able to provide lumber to build the wooden boats and meet the construction needs. The Treaty Building was back in 1912. Many prisoners of the war were actually encamped before in 1898 and it happened right on the base grounds.

Sign of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Areal View Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Areal View of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Submarine at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Later, in 1905, the construction started directly on Portsmouth Prison, it was like a military prison called The Castle due to the strong resemblance of crenellated castle. This was like the main prison built for Marine Corps, and it was also housing for German crew’s right after the capture, till it was then closed later in 1974.

There was an event and for arranging peace conference, the President Roosevelt could this way win a Nobel Peace Prize. The delegates later met at the General Stores Buildings, today the Admin Building which is the building 86. Somehow recently, back in 2005, summer events ended up marking 100th anniversary because of this treaty, even a Navy destroyer visited; there was a parade, even re-enactment diplomats that came from the 2 nations.

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