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The Joint Reserve Base from Naval Air Station within New Orleans in Louisiana can be found at twenty or so minutes to the south from the downtown area of New Orleans; it is the home of: Air National Guard in Louisiana, VR-54, VFA-204, VP-94, United States Air Force Reserve, United States Coast Guard, as well as the United States Customs Services. After the structure has been re-designated during May 94′ in order to include “Joint” in the Reserve Base the idea shattered the actual paradigm regarding the base. JRB keeps a twenty-four-hour functional capacity to assist releases as well as recoveries involving United States Coast Guard Air-Sea Recovery, United States Custom Alerts and also the 159th Attack Group – Air National Safeguard in Louisiana, United States Air Security Control alarm specifications.

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Portion in the joint-services corporation from 1957, the camp can provide Air Force Reserves, Navy as well as Air National Defense forces the practice terrain to get an assortment of fighter airplanes. Setting up mini-wars above the West coast of Florida, F-15, F-16 along with F-18 aircraft pilots take part in extremely fiercely fought for bayou brawls ever since the Fight from New Orleans during 1815. Regarding Air Force forces anchored in JRB, those types of mini-wars are offering essential distinct fighter instruction that lots of groups in other places get occasionally. But it is a day to day occurring to the 926th Fighter Wing Reserves (F-16s) as well as the ANG 159th Fighter Team (F-15s) in Louisiana. And this also held all of them sharpened intended for the latest deployments helping Operations Deny Flight inside Italy and also Provide Security within Turkey. Being a clemency Platform Information Department that answers to the Naval Computer plus Tele-communications Area Master Section Atlantic Ocean, NCTAMS LANT Det New Orleans has been mainly responsible for handling the BLII inside New Orleans region.

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