Real combat practice at Army Garrison Schinnen

U.S. Army Garrison Schinnen

This is an American Base and it is today house of the Garrison Army of United States Schinnen & you marry the numerous retail and exits of service. The concessions in Schinnen include Baskin Robbins Frozen, Antonio’s Pizza, and the King of Hamburger. The Restaurant of Top is located inside the Center of Skittles. You […]

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Areal view of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune wastwater management system

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Marine Corps Base in Camp Lejeune cover an area of 246 square miles and it’s a training facility in the North Carolina region. The military base have`s 14 miles of beaches and this fact makes it a perfect place for amphibious assault`s trainings & it is being located between two water ports (Morehead City and […]

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Interior of Watervliet Arsenal

Watervliet Arsenal

Located in the New York region , city Watervliet in the west bank of Hudson River , here lays the arsenal of the U.S army.Coordinations 42 ° 43’06 “N 73 ° 42’31” W .Being active since 1966 is the oldest arsenal in the U.S and it continuously produces the artillery for the army and gun […]

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headquarter of NSU Saratoga Springs

NSU Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is also known just for Saratoga and it’s a city in the Saratoga Country in New York, U.S. Coordination 43 ° 4’31 “N 73 ° 46’57” W. Having a population of 28,499 spread in the area of 75.2 km2       The income in Saratoga comes from tourism, they rely heavy on it […]

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Soldiers at Joint Force Command Brunssum

Joint Force Command Brunssum

This Base-Brunssum of the Equipment of Combat of 7 soldiers a workforce of 200 Dutch nationalist that assure that all the equipment can be useful for the soldiers in remains of the campaign in the conditions of the 1st class for even sending everywhere worldwide in notice of a moment. CEB-BR’s the goal and mission […]

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CH-47 takeoff from Transit Center at Manas

Transit Center at Manas

Today the AFB Kyrgyzstan Manas, also known as Gancy, it serves like a military spot of USA in the Flow with the Airport which is situated near Bishkek that is the Kirguizstan’s capital. These air bases in are firstly handled by the Air American Forces. East Kirgizstan the installation of air Base was a tax […]

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Tents at Camp New York

Camp New York

In conformity with the constitution of Kuwait, the Emir of Kuwait is the supreme commander of the armed forces with a Defense Secretary who heads on the Military men of Chief of Kuwait of General Personnel. The National Guard has his own commander, who does a report directly to the Defense Secretary. Public security forces […]

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Soldiers fully equipped at Yokota Air Base

Yokota Air Base

Japan Yokota’s air Base is a base of the Air Force of The United States, located in Fussa’s city in Tokyo, Japan. The base works as the headquarters of the army of The United States parked in Japan. It shelters to 14.000 workforce, and is used for air missions that include this Asian. The base […]

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Sailors walking at city near Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Yokosuka is placed in Japan, in the peninsula of Miura, south Al-de Tokio. One belongs Kanagawa’s prefecture, includes an area of 100, 68 kilometers ² and has a population of 422.737 inhabitants (in 2007). It is known for sheltering one of the alcaldes bases military men shared by Japan and The United States, which provokes […]

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Torii Station symbol - sword

Torii Station

The Japan Torii facility Station is situated right in Yomitanson, at the Okinawa Prefecture, in the precious Japan. Today, it houses tenth Support Area Group, along with the first Battalion, some units & activities and even the first Forces Group. They are responsible for an optimized and critical functionality for United States services there on […]

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Soldiers listening to speech at Camp Butler

Camp S D Butler

Body of Marinade Camp Base Smedley D. Butler (Butler or base of the sea-coast to the native ones) is a base of Marinade of The United States Body located in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa. She was nominated for legendary Marina Smedley D. Butler. The Camp Smedley Butler is actually a set of services and […]

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Sing of Camp Schwab

Camp Schwab

The Japan Camp Schawab is a North American base located in Henoko, Okinawa. The 4th Marinade Regiment is a known and professional regiment of infantry of the Body of Marinade of The U.S.A. It has the base in this Camp Schwab, & the Division forms a part of 3th of Marinade of the Expeditionary Force […]

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Planes near Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Inside Japan the so called Japan Atsugi location is known principally like a satellite fantastic city that resides between the metropolis of Yokohama & Tokyo. Furthermore, it is known for having a naval American base that, though it doesn’t appear to be located right there, it occupies the area border of Yamato and also Ayase. […]

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Military plane at Naval Air Station Sigonella

Naval Air Station Sigonella

Italy Sigonella’s Air base is a military installation in Sicily, forms a part of the organization of the NATO that names like BORN Base Sigonella. This one composed by personnel and means assigned to Naval Air Station Sigonella known as NAS Sigonella or even the NASSIG that is of the Navy of the United States […]

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NSA Naples Soldiers

Naval Support Activity Naples

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy. It is one of the regional capitals and has a population of one million inhabitants Coordination’s 40 ° 50’N 14 ° 15’E , stretching for 117 square km. Population structure by age groups: between 00 -14 years 18.76%: between 15-65 years 67.87% and  over 65 years: 13.37% […]

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Submarine at NSA La Maddalena

NSA La Maddalena

La Maddalena is for Italy Located right in Westside are of this country. It actually coordinates 41 ° 13’N 09 ° 24’E,about 11 000 inhabitants live here stretching on an area of 20 square miles. Furthermore, it seems that according to administrative structural division, part of the city of La Maddalena in the Sardegna region. […]

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