Campbell Barracks

It is a major US base in Europe and it operates as US Army Headquarters for European Operations. The base is located in the city of Heidelberg in the south-west of Germany. It is also home to NATO’s Component Land Headquarters. The base played a major role in both World Wars as part of Nazi Germany. It also operated as a vital part of Adolph Hitler’s military. It also played a major role in Cold War.

Campbell Barracks Facts

The allied forces first entered the city in 1945 and without many efforts. The structure of the city remained intact and was not destroyed by the allied forces. Later the US base was captured that causes the regiment to move from Augsburg to Heidelberg. The US Seventh Army headquarters moved to Heidelberg in 1945 and remained there till 1946. The US Army also established an Army police to maintain law and order situations in US zones, which were disrupted due to immense war in the city.

Talking about the role of the base in Cold War, the US forces stationed in Europe especially in Campbell Barracks in early 1990s, played vital role in the war. In 1993 the NATO headquarters in Campbell Barracks started offering its services with coalition of seven nations, which made the Campbell Barracks base as one of the most important locations during the war.

soldiers at Campbell Barracks

Main building of Campbell Barracks

Campbell Barracks Areal View

Soldiers marching with flag at Campbell Barracks

Today the base works with collaboration of 15 NATO nations, which lead to new constructions on the base. The base also introduced new operations designed to meet new requirements of the base. The base now offers services to its allied nations stationed in Europe through NATO headquarters on Campbell Barracks.

The base also focuses on resolving land issues, provides assistance in land operations, command and control, logistic services, training and exercise services to allied nation forces.

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