Marine Corps Air Station New River

Prominently located in Jacksonville, North Carolina is the Marine Corps Air Station New River. The base conducts various operations for VM-22 Ospreys and helicopters air support throughout the region. In commemoration of the Brigadier, General Keith B. McCutcheon, the McCutcheon Field was introduced which is currently hosted on the air base property. As an operative, the general dedicated his hard work and determination in revolutionizing the aviation for Marine helicopters. The base is a shared established in composition of Camp Geiger.

MCAS New River Facts

  • Website: Visit MCAS New River Website ›
  • Location: Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Phone: (910) 449-6197
  • Latitude: 34.711844
  • Longitude: -77.443829
  • DSN: 751-1113

The installation is the chief helicopter base for the United State Marine Corps on the Eastern Coast and is effective in its training provisions for operating the Marine Corps aviation units. Since 1954, this base has been executing successful missions in management of the Marine Corps Outlying Landing Field Camp Davis and the Marine Corps Outlying Landing Field Oak Grove.

This New River subdivision was also the first base to accommodate the new VM-22 Ospreys. The base is nestled on approximately 2, 600 acres of land, which constitutes 560 acres of swamp lands which is ideal for wildlife accompaniment. In July of 1954, the Marine Aircraft Group-26 was transferred from the Cherry point to gain residency at New River. This group comprises of 2, 100 Marines that are assigned to a total of 8 squadrons.

Areal View of Marine Corps Air Station New River

Training near MCAS New River

Soldiers doing strange things at MCAS New River

maintenance hangar of MCAS New River

On May 1, of the year 1972, the facility was rearranged, due to the deactivation of the Marine Helicopter Training Group-40, which was replaced by the newly developed Marine Aircraft Group-29. This group comprises of 2,100 Marines assigned to a total of 7 squadrons. The controls at the New River subdivision includes, the MWSS-272 which offers logistical support to the MWCS-28 and the MAGs and the H and Hs oversees the air station’s garrison activities. All operatives are professionally detailed in their field activities and are always alert to engage in combat.

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