Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point (MCAS)

The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is situated in North Carolina, between Morehead City and New Bern. The installation is nestled on a land mass of approximately 13, 164 acres for the air force accommodation and 15, 975 acres, for entertaining auxiliary activities as constructed to execute in the year 1941. This base is recognized as the largest of all Marine Corps Air Stations worldwide and is assigned as the domicile for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. Other confinements included for facilitation are the Commander Marine Corps Air Bases East and the Marine Air Group 14.

MCAS Cherry Point Facts

  • Website: Visit MCAS Cherry Point Website ›
  • Location: New Bern and Morehead City, North Carolina
  • Phone: (252) 466-2811
  • Latitude: 34.902545
  • Longitude: -76.887646
  • DSN: 582-1110

The capital quest for the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is to offer effective training support for the 2nd Marine Air Wing and development preparation for worldwide locations in distress.  There are over 49, 000 occupants contained on this base, which comprises of, retired marines, family members, active duty personnel’s and civilian employees.

The location host one of the best amphibian transports worldwide and overall this air station, along with all the sectored facilities occupies over 29, 000 acres of land formation. With its large runway structure, the base is utilized as an emergency landing site that accommodates various space shuttles launches departing from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Plane flies over Cherry point

HQ at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Plane at MCAS Cherry Point

Main sign of MCAS Cherry Point

The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point also accommodates the Marine Transport Squadron 1, which incorporates the reputable search and rescue team occasionally recognized as “PEDRO.” This team is efficient in also providing assistance to the local community, conducting search and rescue activities, along with medical evaluation for the region.

For operations executed in March of the year 2003, the base was awarded merits for the commander-In-Chief’s Installation. This facility is top rated among other military bases and it continues to execute professionalism throughout the region, internally and externally. The teams entertained at this military base are diverse in their fields assigned.

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