United States Naval Academy (USNA)

The Maryland Naval Academy was once founded back in 1845. George Bancroft was the one to bring it alive. The magnificent history of the Naval Academy cannot be missed and it has even displayed the interesting USA history itself. This academy has experienced many changes throughout the years. Both, young men & women receive the training they need to become optimal professionals, they are then prepared to serve as marine and naval officers after they graduate. This is definitely the ultimate training ever.

US Naval Academy Facts

Furthermore, census matters are important. The Maryland Naval Academy is somehow like a census-designated spot known as the CDP, P stands for place. It is situated in the precious Anne Arundel County, right in Maryland, USA. It is pretty extensive; covering the United States campus of Naval Academy.united states naval academy full areal view

US Naval Academy front sign

The Maryland Naval Academy population is around 4,300 considering the last census. The geography matters can delight anyone. It seems that according to recent studies in terms of the Census Bureau, this Naval Academy consists of an area of around 2.3 km², and 1.4 km² of the land & 0.8 km² of 37.78% is actually water! Demographics are outstanding.

In terms of families and population, it seems that there used to be around 270 housing units and the respective racial makeup was of:

  • 5.59% were Afro American
  • 86.10% were White
  • 0.33% was Native American
  • .96% were Asian
  • 0.14% was Pacific Islander
  • 1.84% where from other races, and 2.18% from two or more races.

When it comes to Latino people they represented around 6.84% of the total population.

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United States Naval Academy Areal

US Naval Academy Areal View From Coast

Today the Naval Academy seeks to comply with high standards. Every other day, the undergraduate naval service college, the USA strives to fully accomplish their mission and goal to totally develop the best professionals considering moral, mental, & physical aspects!

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