Naval Air Station Patuxent River

The Maryland Patuxent River is a Naval Station. It is also known like the NAS PaxRiver. This is a USA Air Station situated in the fancy St. Mary’s County, in Maryland; it is right on Chesapeake Bay- This Naval Station is very close to the Patuxent River mouth. This is an optimal spot.

NAS Patuxent River Facts

Today, it is actually home to United States Naval exam Pilot School, & it serves like a testing, examination and evaluation place. It is also good for systems acquisition related to the Naval Aviation. It was commissioned back on April 1943 and was acquired through a very eminent domain- this Maryland naval air station started growing at a fast speed in order to properly respond the World War II needs.

Plane at Naval Air Station Patuxent River

Naval Air Station Patuxent River Areal and F-35

The Maryland Patuxent River Naval base later became the center for evaluating and testing including many other facilities that were built  back in the 1950s & the 1960s; within the Weapons Test Division back in 1960), the great Propulsion Evaluation System Facility. This magnificent base even served like a testing and evaluation place for V-22 Osprey. The Naval base remains outstanding without a doubt.

The measures have somehow migrate the research & the testing places for the rotary and the fixed wings aircrafts to the known NAS Patuxent River that are from decommissioned bases. Many employees are there and this is definitely huge. It is home to NAVAIR Headquarters, Air Testing Wings Atlantic, & Naval Warfare Aircraft Division Center Commands.

Military Plane at Naval Air Station Patuxent River

NAS Patuxent River Areal View

Back in 1937, the Aeronautics Bureau wanted to fully consolidate many aviation test plans and programs that were before conducted at plenty of stations like Norfolk, the Yard, the Naval Air Anacostia station in Washington, etc. Finally, the cedar Point was the one selected because of the specific remote location that was on the beautiful coastline, no traffic, no problems, etc.

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