Ellsworth Air Force Base

The Ellsworth Air Force Base was established in the year 1942; it is situated in the Meade and Pennington Counties close to Rapid City, encompassed in South Dakota. This installation facilitates the 28th Bomb Wing and is relatively conformed in recognition of the Brigadier, General Richard E. Ellsworth who departed in the year 1953, when his plane collided during training.

Prior to the current recognition, the air force base was formerly called Showplace of Strategic Air Command because of the effective demonstration exercised in strategic bombardment and ICBM capabilities.  The group of operatives hosted in the installation is actually one of the two assigned to the B1 supersonic Lancer ricochets for the United States Air Force Wings. There are currently 8, 000 operatives facilitated on property, these may include 4000 family members, 400 civilian employees and 3, 431 military personnel’s. A total of 2, 516 retirees are housed 40 miles in proximity to the facility.

Ellsworth Air Force BaseEllsworth Air Force BaseAir Combat CommnadEllsworth Air Force Base

The operatives of the 28th Bomb Wing are ascribed to the 8th Air Force under management of the Air Combat Command. The installation is effective in formulating effective procedures in regulating duties for the B-1B and 28th Wing Bomb Wing in providing civil engineering, supply, chaplain, food services, transportation, communications, security forces, recreation, personnel and administration services throughout the base.

The facility is effective in all aspects of provision to execute professionalism and efficiency in assigned operations. The well-being of all individuals facilitated is considered and rules are implemented to avail cooperation and healthy relations among the population. The base is well known for its variation of services provided and specialized training is progressive to uplift development for all participants hosted in this division. There are other Air Force installations with similar duties of production and with all concerns being adjoined to the United States military organizations, the goal is relatively similar.

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