Fort Buchanan

A big air force spot, the military post, is the Fort Buchanan, it opened the doors in 1923 and from 1999 operates, it has served as the head office for the operational Army South (SOUTHCOM) of USA.

The (SOUTHCOM) with 1, 250 military and of the same country persons! They serve and also consists of head office of approximately 15, 000 soldiers of the reservation. This is known as “the only base which is bilingual, all about bicultural the military forces of the United States.” The future of this position seems to be in barracks SouthCom doubt about the safe conditions, since it is coveted by several conditions of the south, especially Georgia and Texas, which has powerful and placed well simultaneous delegations in the Congress, has expired with meetings they speak of how to study informally.

But in general the big community of Puerto Rican veterans and the personnel of active duty eserebatiría is opposed the argument of lack of patriotism to the island. They would show that a disproportionately high number of Puerto Rican Ricans has fought to defend the flag laen with past wars, and the exceptional bottom of the samples of the courage showed by the Puerto Rican regiment during the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam. There are now more than 19, 000 members of the armed forces of the descendant’s United States puertorriqueñao the origin, and representing 1.6 % of total active forces of duty (as reported by the Department of Defense HEDD-AF 1998).

Today, Puerto Rico as it has on September 9 JROTC program universities, with more than 1, 000 candidates have actually registered. The N Lassee Costs what his individual particular costs opinion on the situation in Vieques, there it is undoubtedly that these cadets anticipate Puerto Rican took care of their stuff, capable of receiving the golden bars of The Second Lieutenant in the Army, / Air Forces or / the Naval or Naval Flag in the shoulder of their uniforms.Soldiers practice at Fort Buchanan

Fort Buchanan

Education at Fort Buchanan

Practice at Fort Buchanan

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