Joint Region Marianas

The US Naval Forces, Marianas(Joint Region Marianas), is a United States Navy installation unit that provides management support to the Department of Defense units and their personnel, make sure that all the environmental regulations and laws, acts as crossing point between the defense unit and the civilian personnel, the human rights policy, safety laws and other functions that is needed in the base. This also the operation of the various infrastructure programs of the Public Works Center of Guam.

As part of their responsibility in providing the contractor and civilian support to the Unites States Navy, they employed 800 locals in Guam in all fields of work the air base has to offer. During the 2005 naval reorganization, Andersen Airbase was under the command and transferred as a basic unit of Naval Forces Marianas. Since Andersen Airbase and Naval Air Force Marianas as close neighbors, the reorganization of these two bases in a single command which reduce the duplication of facilities and works.

The year 1944 to 1949, the military government awarded the US Naval Forces Marianas commander as governor of the Marshall-Gilberts; deputy military governor, Bonin-Volcano Islands and the deputy military governor, Pacific ocean areas. From 1944 to 1952, it served as the naval operation base which provides service to all kinds of navy services. The Naval base was deactivated on September 1956 and it was reestablished under the command of the US Naval Force Marianas.

Joint Region Marianas soldiers

Joint Region Marianas

Military machine at one of the Joint Region Marianas

Joint Region Marianas playing ping pong

The US Air Force and the US Navy held a ceremony on February 6, 2009 signaling the start of the Joint Region Marianas by sharing the same headquarters at Nimitz Hill. Though under the Joint Region Marianas, they will have their own commanding officers who will be responsible in all their duties and operations. This signals the joint partnership between Air Force Guam and the US Navy eliminating the 30 mile gap between Andersen Air Force Base and the US Naval Base Guam.

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