Minot Air Force Base

The North Dakota Minot Air AFB is a United States Air Force Base installation located in the beautiful Ward County in North Dakota, it is thirteen miles and it is north of Minot. According to 2010 census, this Air Force base was once counted as CDP and it had a 5,521 population. The Dakota Minot Base is today home of 2 major wings, fifth Bomb Wings & the ninety first Missile Wings, both are part of AFGSC.

Minot Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Minot AFB Website ›
  • Location: Ward County, near Minot, North Dakota
  • Phone: (701) 723-1110
  • Latitude: 48.420299
  • Longitude: -101.345188
  • DSN: 453-1110

This facility was first opened back in 1957 like an ADC air base, then it became a very strategic spot in 1960s, nuclear intercontinental missiles & manned bombs including aerial refuel aircrafts. Then, then SAC was actually inactivated exactly in 1992, this nuclear goal and mission was separated between 2 different commands, and it consisted of missiles that were going to Space Command AFB & the manned bombs Air Combat. Air Force GSC later in 2009, many missiles & manned bombs were then transferred AFSPC & ACC.

B52 lands on minot afb

Minot afb areal view and B52

Minot afb - Blast durable door

minot air force base

In addition the 5th Bomb Wings composed of: the fifth Operations Groups, backbone 5th Bombs Wings, provides the aircrew that was able to fly the B-52H wing’s aircraft. The Mission Supportive Group even consists of 5th Civilian Engineering Squadron, the 5th Communication Squadron, the 5th Forces Supportive Squadron & 5th Securities and Forces Squadron, the 5th Contract Squadron & the 5th Readiness Squadrons.

The fifth Maintenance Groups even supports operations of the fifth Bombs Wings & 91st Missiles Wings. It is able to provide on- 6 also off-equipments full maintenance on the B-52Hs, the special supportive on Minuteman 3 missiles & the UH-1N helicopters. This group provides munitions and aircraft maintenance along with maintenance operational support. The squadrons are assigned to fifth MG and are 5th Munitions styles, the Detachment one, the 5th Maintenance Squadrons and the 5th Aircrafts Maintenance Squadron operative system.

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