Offutt Air Force Base

The Nebraska Offutt AFB is U.S. installation that is near Omaha, it lies next to Bellevue that is in Nebraska. It has an Aviation use that began back in September 1918 and it was during the World War 1 like Army Service for air balloon fields. Furthermore, it was once renamed to honor the pilot that was an Omaha native his name was Jarvis Offutt and this happened back in 1924.

Offutt Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Offutt AFB Website ›
  • Location: Sarpy Count, near Omaha, Nebraska
  • Phone: (402) 294-3663
  • Latitude: 41.118935
  • Longitude: -95.914249
  • DSN: 271-1110

The Nebraska Offutt AFB legacy today includes construction of bombers actually the 1st 2 and to drop the atomic bombs over forty years appeared to be headquarters to deal with Strategic Air Commands & home associated grounds including aerial commanding centers to meet United States needs if anything took place such as a nuclear war. In Terms of population it was around 8,001 at 2000 census.

This Offutt AFB is today host station to 55th Wing that is known as USA largest wing in terms of Air Force Combat Commands, too. Moreover, this Nebraska base appears to house several important associate units, within them, it includes the United States Strategic Commands Headquarters, along with the AF Weather Agency, not to mention the Omaha location operating for Defense Finances & Accounting Services, etc.

Areal View of Offutt Air Force Base

Offutt Air Force Base Monument

Plane lands on Offutt AFB

Sign and main gate of Offutt AFB

Thank you for freedom at Offutt Air Force Base

There is also a Medical Group which is the 55th and it is ready to serve 28K patients and it has great and extensive outpatient clinical capabilities, & a lot of ancillary support.

The Nebraska Offut Air Force base is headquarters for Strategic Command and it is magnificent when it comes to high-tech operations. The best part is, professionals and staff are constantly learning new matters. This unit is actually fully charge with a lot of space operation (like military kinds of satellites), many information of operations (like information for warfare), including missile defenses, several global issues linked to command & control.

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