Malmstrom Air Force Base

The Malmstrom Air Force Base located in Montana was named after Colonel Einar Axel Malmstrom, who was killed in an airplane crash. It was originally built during the Second World War out of a request made by two senators of Montana, namely James E. Murray and Burton K. Wheeler but the actual funds for building the site came from the Great Falls Municipal Airport. Initially named East Base, the building of the vase began. The initial plan was to use the East Base as a training base for heavy bomber facilities. It was later to build an air passage between Ladd Field, Great Falls and Fairbanks and also to help in the supply of aviation supplies used for fighting to the German Army and the Soviet Union. The facility began to operate as an airfield and many bombardment groups were trained.

Malmstrom Air Force Base Facts

  • Website: Visit Malmstrom AFB Website ›
  • Location: Cascade County, near Great Falls, Montana
  • Phone: (406) 731-1110
  • Latitude: 47.507679
  • Longitude: -111.178837
  • DSN: 632-1110

During the Second World War, the bombardments trained at the base were responsible for raids in Germany. The Eighth airforce also learnt to personnel to learn being able to bomb on precision during broad day light. Troops were also trained in formations in the air with the aircrafts. The air transport was assigned Great Falls Army Air Base. It also runs as a flight service center and for carrying to get passengers and cargo safely to their destinations. Aircraft parts are brought to the base in pieces and assembled. The assembled plans were either used by the base itself or given to the Germans or Soviet Union, but exports dropped with the end of the Second World War. Weapons for the war were also kept in warehouses at the base. It was recorded that, the center carried the largest amount of drugs and created. Technology transfers also at the base. Atomic and nuclear weapons are also developed here by land.

Areal View of Malmstrom Air Force Base

Sing at main gate of Malmstrom AFB

Plane landed at Malmstrom Air Force Base

Main tower at Malmstrom Air Force Base

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