Westover Air Reserve Base

The MA Westover Air Reserve force Base is ready to meet what everyone needs and it even serves as the main Air Force base. It is even great as an Army & a Navy unit. This fantastic base is able to fully cover much more than 2,000 acres. The land is extensive and the head of MA Westover base is the Colonel R Swain, he is even the AFR commander, the wing is just great and innovative!

Westover Air Reserve Base Facts

  • Location: Massachusetts communities of Chicopee and
    Ludlow, near the city of Springfield
  • Website:
    Visit Westover Website ›
  • Longitude:
  • Latitude:
  • DSN:

Moreover, the Massachusetts Westover Air Force base is today house of 439th Airlifting Wing, the twenty sixth Marine great Regiment and not to leave behind the 226th Transportation Army Company. A part of the many military operations, this fantastic air force base was once used like a good backup in terms of landing for the NASA’s shuttle programs. It is definitely sophisticated and ready for many important purposes. The 2 runways allow such thing and they are used by the civilian aviation, yet, all this under agreements. Furthermore, the MA Westover employs a very significant portion of the Springfield population.

Westover Air Reserve Base Military Plane

Front Sign of Westover Air Reserve Base

So, the Westover base today serves like the joint Usage, it is the mission of both, the military & the civilians to cooperate properly.  The impeccable facilities are today owned by the Defense department and some are even private ownership. There is flexibility in terms of a significant separation that exists between the military & the civilian operations.

Military Plane at Westover Air Reserve Base

Soldiers listening to speech at Westover Air Reserve Base

This place was once built by war appropriation and it was signed by the once loyal and known president Franklin Roosevelt back in 1939. This MA base was then assigned to US Army Corps of the Northeast District. Yet, later it became a part of Air Force and the Bomber Command. Finally Westover Base became one for submarine activities to battle German U-Boats. All this linked to the WWII.

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