Natick Soldier Systems Center

The Massachusetts Soldier Systems center is to be fully respected. Today, it is the home of The United States of America Soldier Systems and it is situated in the beautiful and interesting Natick, MA. It is approximately seventeen miles from Boston (West). The Systems Center installation is located in a strategic and marvelous place. The tiny housing areas are just great and they are scattered along all the especial surrounding towns. The best part is, many of the top public schools are right there and fascinating cities from the nation are right next to it. This location is definitely fabulous! It is capable of delivering each important task on time.

Natick Soldier Systems Center Facts

  • Location: Natick, Massachusetts
  • Website:
    Visit Natick SSC Website ›
  • Phone: (508) 233-4000
  • Longitude:
  • Latitude:
  • DSN:

Moreover, the Massachusetts Soldier Systems Center is actually responsible for high-technology, the development & the engineering matters. In addition, it is responsible of the fielding, and the sustainment of all the military’s clothing, the food, the shelters, the airdrop systems, & all the Soldier items meant for support that even sustain and protect the America’s military corps.

Main Building at Natick Soldier Systems Center

K-Max Testing on Natick Soldier Systems Center

Their mission is perfect and they are always looking to meet the needs in order to properly serve each customer. They are directly focused to provide the management of all the products they develop, the fields, & the sustains- so in order to actually accomplish their objective, the Massachusetts SSC people are fully committed with the Science and the Tech Centers, the product the project Management and all the teams that are linked to the Logistics Support system Center.  The best part is that these groups are constantly working together to ensure the top products for their troops. This is just great!

Natick Soldier Systems Center Scientific testing

Practice at Natick Soldier Systems Center

This magnificent center includes:

  1. The Natick Soldier System Center
  2. The United States Environmental Medicine Army Research Institute
  3. The · Clothing & the Textile Research center
  4. The United States Coast Guard Design & Clothing Technical matters

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