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  • Location: Vernon Parish, Louisiana
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  • Phone: (337) 531-2911
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Fort Polk can be described as a US Military set up situated in Vernon Parish, around seven kilometers eastern side from Leesville, Louisiana and also twenty kilometers to the north from DeRidder, Louisiana. It has been called honoring the Right Reverend Leonidas Polk, the very first Episcopal Bishop from the Diocese from Louisiana, and also a famous Confederate General from the United States Civil Conflict. This site includes somewhere around 198,000 massive areas. From this, 100,000 miles happen to be possessed by the Division of the Military along with 98,125 miles by the United States Forest Services, for the most part inside the Kisatchie Domestic Forest. Fort Polk stands out as the single Fight Instruction Facility which additionally educates and also deploys fight forces.

Fort Polk Front sing

Fort Polk Library building

Fort Polk headquarter building

Fort Polk Building and garden

Fort Polk started out like a platform to the Louisiana Techniques during the nineteen forties. This supported the first Armored Department during the nineteen fifties, and also grew to become a fundamental instruction site in the course of Vietnam War decades of the sixties along with seventies. The site managed the fifth Infantry Department (Automatic) during the seventies-eighties, and also the second Armored Cavalry Regiment during the nineteen nineties. Fort Polk has become the home of the Combined Preparedness Instruction Facility, the fourth Brigade, tenth Mountain Department, and 115th Fight Assistance Medical center, first Control Improvement Brigade, the 162nd Infantry Brigade, United States Military Garrison and also Bayne-Jones Military Area Clinic. The terrain that’s at this moment Fort Polk is a component in the area involving social assets, such as historical places, historical properties as well as constructions, along with other places involving heritage importance. The United States Military also has invested lots of time, work, and funds in finding, discovering, and also inventorying a huge number of historical places in Fort Polk and also the asset owned and operated by the United States Forest Service the place the military trains.

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