King Khalid Air Base

King Khalid was born 13 June – 1912 he was Crown Prince for 10 years from 1965 to 1975 and after that from 1975 and 1982 he was King of Saudi Arabia. The King Khalid Air Base and Airport is named after him. He was named crown king in 1965 because his older brother Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz refused the throne because he wasn’t to much into politics and he considered Khalid fit for that post. It was actually very sad for some; this could up done much more changes.

In 1975 Khalid reorganizes the Council of Ministers so he could nominate his brother Fahd to Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. Khalid made the decision to get foreign labor to help in the process of the country`s development.

In 1976 Khalid was forced by his own office to go in the United States for a heart-open surgery. At that time Khalid even asked President Carter to sell him advanced planes so he could fight the communism in the Saudi Arabia.

King Khalid Air Base Areal view

King Khalid Air Base Military city areal view

Plane at King Khalid air base

In 1982 Saudi Arabia received their first F-15 from the United States government- this meant a huge impact in some aspects. Furthermore, the King Khalid died of a heart attack in .He bought a Booing 747 equipped with a surgery room so he could use it if needed in his travels, but despite that he still died due to the heart problems that he had for years. He was succeeded by Fahd in the throne for Saudi Arabia. It created debates in some places.

Queen Sita was her wife and his children unlike the children of other kings didn’t occupy any big role in the Saudi Arabia Politics and they preferred to stay at a low profile. His only full brother was Mohammed, Fahd being his half brother. More is dated but this appears to be the most significant facts that caused the today situation in this region.

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