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Soldiers training at USAG Daegu

USAG Daegu

USAG Daegu is among the largest cities in South Korea and has three military installations. This city is noted for its apple plantations and fruits which are said to be the sweetest in the whole of Korea. The city also has a vibrant textile industry and accounts for most parts of Korea’s textile exports. Camp […]

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Happy soldier at Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae

The Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae Naval base is a United States Navy installation in South Korea. This camp is one of many military installations of the United States in South Korea and was formed out of the Naval Advisory Group in 1946. The total land area covered by the camp is about 84 acres and is […]

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Areal view of Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley

Camp Stanley is a United States Army installation in South Korea and is a part of the Camp Red Cloud. This installation was started as a temporary tent settlement to accommodate incoming American troops in South Korea, but saw the first permanent building in 1969.  The camp was set up to provide military assistance to […]

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Training at Camp Casey

Camp Casey

South Korea Camp Casey is situated in beautiful Tongduchon, in Korea. It is around forty miles from North Seoul. This consists of nearly 3600 acres & it was once occupied by like 6200 military & around 2600 civilians. The primary goal and mission of this facility is to actually act along with Korea Republic in […]

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Transport plane at Riyadh Air Base

Riyadh Air Base

Riyadh is knows as the capital of the great Saudi Arabia and is at the great sandstone plateau of the Nejd in center of the Arab peninsula, about 1,800 m above sea level, coordination’s 24 ° 38’N 46 ° 43’E. The city’s Arabic name means “garden”. Former center of pilgrimage in the peninsula, the city […]

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Plane at King Khalid air base

King Khalid Air Base

King Khalid was born 13 June – 1912 he was Crown Prince for 10 years from 1965 to 1975 and after that from 1975 and 1982 he was King of Saudi Arabia. The King Khalid Air Base and Airport is named after him. He was named crown king in 1965 because his older brother Mohammed bin […]

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Ship parked at Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific shipyard

Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific

Republic of Singapore is an island city state and the smallest country in South East Asia. It is located south of the Malay Peninsula and the Malaysian state Johor, 137 km north of the equator, coordinates 1 ° 17’N 103 ° 51’E. Singapore is a republic with a unicameral parliamentary government and representative of several […]

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Important persons visits Camp Carroll

Camp Carroll

South Korea Camp Carroll is actually a not extensive, more precise a very small military camp in the central of Korea. It is located around 1 hour from Taegu in terms of North in Waegwan, right in South Korea. While it is a very small community, this Camp has maintained very good and full service, […]

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Planes at King Abdulaziz Naval Base

King Abdulaziz Naval Base

Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Jordan on the north, Iraq to the north and north east, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman in the south and east and south Yemen. Capital city is Riyadh located at 24 ° 39’N […]

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Soldier walking near Eskan Village Air Base

Eskan Village Air Base

Eskan Village is located in the desert of the capital city Riyadh at 24°34’N 46°51’E Eskan village is well known by the military base that its practically integrated in the village. Thousands of troops know it simply by Eskan, it is and it was their home from a far away home. Below you will find […]

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King Fahd Military Medical Complex

King Fahd Military Medical Complex

King Fahd was born in 16 March 1921 in Riyadh, at the age of 11 he watches his father (Abdul-Aziz) as he signed the Treaty of Jeddah and as he founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is actually a today recognized King, and will remain like this forever. In 1945 Fahd made his first […]

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Soldiers at Al Udeid Air Base

Al Udeid Air Base

The military base Qatar Al-Udeid’s, where already are emphasized more than 5.000 soldiers and several planes of combat, and that possesses the longest runway of the region.  For days, Al Udeid, to approximately 30 kilometers to the suburbs of Doha, looks like a beehive in full activity, with planes that land and take off constant […]

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Soldiers practice at Fort Buchanan

Fort Buchanan

A big air force spot, the military post, is the Fort Buchanan, it opened the doors in 1923 and from 1999 operates, it has served as the head office for the operational Army South (SOUTHCOM) of USA. The (SOUTHCOM) with 1, 250 military and of the same country persons! They serve and also consists of […]

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Many planes at Lajes Field

Lajes Field

Lajes’s military American base is placed in the island Terceira of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, to approximately 1.500 kilometers of Lisbon and, therefore, equidistant of three countries that lead today the summit. The base works as an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic Ocean of the USA, which pays 55 million Euros per year […]

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Real combat practice at Army Garrison Schinnen

U.S. Army Garrison Schinnen

This is an American Base and it is today house of the Garrison Army of United States Schinnen & you marry the numerous retail and exits of service. The concessions in Schinnen include Baskin Robbins Frozen, Antonio’s Pizza, and the King of Hamburger. The Restaurant of Top is located inside the Center of Skittles. You […]

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Soldiers at Joint Force Command Brunssum

Joint Force Command Brunssum

This Base-Brunssum of the Equipment of Combat of 7 soldiers a workforce of 200 Dutch nationalist that assure that all the equipment can be useful for the soldiers in remains of the campaign in the conditions of the 1st class for even sending everywhere worldwide in notice of a moment. CEB-BR’s the goal and mission […]

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