Fob Delaram

Fob Delaram, full name Forward Operating Base Delaram is a United States military installation located in Afghanistan. The facility is currently being used as a Navy installation. The United States Marine Corps constructed when they needed a camp for their operations in that country. The base was built to accommodate the marine corps personnel as well as for storage of equipment and logistics. This base has been of immense help during the American war on Afghanistan and Iraq. The initial construction of this base was done with temporary structures, with no facilities for airplane landing. However recently, a new runway has been built at the facility to let in air planes bringing in passengers and supplies.

Fob Delaram Facts

  • Location: Ring Road in Afghanistan
  • Website: Visit Fob Delaram Website ›
  • Latitude: 32.163889
  • Longitude: 63.430833
  • DSN: N/A
  • Some of the humanitarian commodities such as food and medical supplies distributed to the nationals during the war were kept at Fob Delaram before taken out to people. The base also served as a temporary prison at times to keep people captured by the Marine Corps in the war before they are transferred to other prison facilities. Also, some of the refugees of the war were allowed to hide at the camp for a while before they are taken to legal refugee camps.

    Soldiers fully equipped goes to helicopter

    Fob Delaram visitted by comisaf

    Sign of Fob Delaram

    Somewhere near Fob Delaram

    The Marine Corps patrolled the entire waters of the territory to ensure safety of the nation. What usually happens is that, most criminals, especially drug traffickers and smugglers tend to use war-torn countries for their activities because the laws in these nations are already broken down. The personnel at the Fob Delaram ensured that no drug came in through Afghanistan through the waters they patrolled or the nearby lands. They also worked to stop human trafficking agencies who might want to take advantage of the situation. Additionally, they undertook marine rescue operations when there was a disaster in the see or the land closely.

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