Hanscom Air Force Base

The Massachusetts Hanscom is today home of the Headquarters Electronic SC – It is 1 of the main product centers in terms of the Air Force MC. Furthermore to the main function, it works like a host unit. It is huge and capable of supporting the magnificent Force Research Laboratory’s & the Space Vehicles center, the MITRE Corporation, the MIT Lincoln high-tech Laboratory, & plenty of important companies- not to mention the many groups that are even related with the Defense Department.

Hanscom Air Force Base Facts

  • Location: Bedford, Massachusetts
  • Website:
    Visit Hanscom AFB Website ›
  • Phone: (781) 377-5191
  • Longitude:
  • Latitude:
  • DSN:

In addition, the Massachusetts goals and mission cannot disappoint anyone, since they are fully committed with the military Air Force and it is without a doubt unique; many Air Force activities linked to flying can be host even if they are not regular. The mission is to go for enhanced and innovative matters; too, it is all about supporting research, all sorts of acquisitions, & even electronic systems, it prioritize all that instead of simply military aircraft.

Hanscom Air Force Base Main Gate

Soldiers conversation at Hanscom Air Force Base

Areal View of Hanscom AFB

E-3F Airborne Warning and Control System near Hanscom AFB

The Electronic Systems Center is hard to leave behind since it is capable of providing the ultimate in terms of control and command- All the information systems and data delivered to Air Force along with the Defense Department are allies. They are currently managing around 2 hundred 200 plans and programs, their budget exceeds 3 billion.

The Base Group and the management are optimal. They are especially trained and they can provide active duties without a doubt! The military personnel cannot really disappoint and they work hard. The best part is, they even support retired military staff. Medical matters are also taken care of. Finally, the Hanscom Air Force base was once named because of Laurence Hanscom, he was a known pilot and a n enthusiast. Unfortunately, he was killed time ago in a sad plane crash. He somehow funded this spot and it is to be remembered forever.

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