Fort Hood

Fort Hood was named in honor of Confederate General John Bell Hood is a United States military installation situated in Killeen, Texas. With an area of 158,706 acres, Fort Hood has 6,007 officers and 82.610 active duty personnel, and considered to be the largest active armory post in the United States Army which has the ability to support two divisions of armory.

Fort Hood was built with the purpose of wide open space that will be used in the training and testing of the World War I tank destroyers. This is the base location for the 4th Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry Division, 3d Signal Brigade, Headquarters Command of the III Corps, 13th Corps Support Command, 3d Personnel Group, 13th Finance Group, 504th Military Intelligence Brigade, 89th Military Police Brigade, 21st Cavalry Brigade and other support units.

Fort Hood soldiersFort HoodFort Hood Entrance SignMonument at Fort HoodBarack Obama at Fort Hood

Fort Hood became part of the operation Desert Shield in Southwest Asia on August 1990. It also supports to the operation Provide Comfort and operation Desert Calm and continue serving the Persian Gulf area. It deployed soldiers on December 1992 to May 1993 in Somalia known as the Operation Restore Hope which control and command the Joint Task Force Support Command. From then on, Fort Hood is present in almost all of the deployment activities in the Caribbean Basin, Southwest Asia and Central America, supported the operation Sea Signal V and Vigilant Warrior and other emergency operations.

Aside from the peacekeeping missions of Fort Hood, it is also an active participant in worldwide disaster relief operations. It helped in the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake and the Managua, Nicaragua earthquakes. On 1990, Fort Hood continued the wide infrastructure program in the modernization of the post which at present continues the modernization while putting emphasis on the training, quality of life and force projection.

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    Hello, I keep getting messaged on Face Book by idiots pretending to be US military from Texas. They attempt to romance me and then hit me up for money so that they can come to Ohio to marry me. Just some of the names were Brandon Richard, Weber Green, Pam Galbraith among others.. You folks should probably do something to secure your FB pages. The branch used most often seems to be the army but it varies so if you folks could alert the other bases in Texas, that would be good. Bye

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