Camp Carroll

South Korea Camp Carroll is actually a not extensive, more precise a very small military camp in the central of Korea. It is located around 1 hour from Taegu in terms of North in Waegwan, right in South Korea. While it is a very small community, this Camp has maintained very good and full service, even a Fitness Center that has indoor & even outdoor swimming pools. It has a Commissary, Shoppette, PX a good quality Food Court, including many ranked Clubs. Even the military buses are fabulous!

As you know, civil servants of Germany and South Korea complained because they were not due consulted on the redeployments, of that only they found out for reports leaked to the press or announcements officials. This increases the impression of Washington comes from form unilateral, even with his more allied straits.

Statue at Camp Carroll

Areal view of Camp Carroll

Building at Camp Carroll

Important persons visits Camp Carroll

The name of this base is due to 81-year-old Carroll Garland, an American retired soldier, stopped road surface in the bed of the river, resting with a cane. It was taking a cap of baseball that Division of Infantry. ¬†After throwing a look, it moved away from the Rio Naktong, for which now almost it does not traverse water. ” I have seen before this river “, said Carroll Garland. ” I do not want to remember. I have too many recollections “. The war that began in Korea 60 years ago, June 25, 1950, caused million deaths and left in ruins the peninsula. For many Americans, it has turned into “The forgotten war “.

This AFB while it is very small is today magnificent. The army of the north fought to the first American units that came and squashed the military South Korean divisions. It was simply better trained and equipped, with tanks T-34 of Soviet manufacture. This is why today they can deal with each matter.

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  1. austin January 1, 2015 at 6:12 pm #

    The top picture of the ruins is not from camp carroll in South Korea. I was stationed here over 3 years. That picture I suspect is from Camp Carroll in Vietnam (now just jungle).

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