Eskan Village Air Base

Eskan Village is located in the desert of the capital city Riyadh at 24°34’N 46°51’E Eskan village is well known by the military base that its practically integrated in the village. Thousands of troops know it simply by Eskan, it is and it was their home from a far away home. Below you will find generalities that may help understand the history of such region.

The option on making Eskan Village an military base dates back in 1990 when operation like Desert Storm and Desert Shield were in course of action, Saudi Arabian government presented Eskan Village as a home and a base for the U.S army and coalition forces. This was an important time to determine the future.

There are 811 villas and 44 high towers builded in 1981 by the people that lived here in the desert; due to the nature of the people that lived here the village was never occupied because the people left again to live father in the desert. The military base modernized and military people have medical and dental clinics which are available only for U.S personal, others can choose from restaurants, pubs, gym and a post office. Only problems with the lifestyle are that in the summer temperatures get very high, soldiers use air conditioning as their primal source of cooling, the villas are in the process of renovation because an average villa has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths 1 living room and 1 kitchen.

Not so long ago, back in 2003 4.500 U.S soldiers were relocated from Saudi Arabia to Qatar, U.S forces left 500 troops behind in Saudi Arabia mainly in Eskan Village. Today there are 2000 military troops using the Eskan base as their home. It is ready for everything they need and goes along with high-standards that assist the US.

Eskan Village Air Base

Soldier walking near Eskan Village Air Base

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    Where is Eskan Village located? what are the landmarks? Can expats enter there? what are the needed letters/documents in order to enter?

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      none of ya buisness what u tryna infiltrate the base haha got to bed

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