Al Udeid Air Base

The military base Qatar Al-Udeid’s, where already are emphasized more than 5.000 soldiers and several planes of combat, and that possesses the longest runway of the region.  For days, Al Udeid, to approximately 30 kilometers to the suburbs of Doha, looks like a beehive in full activity, with planes that land and take off constant of the base, according to witnesses who have visited the facilities. But this activity carries out far from the looks of the personnel, separated from the base for rows of cement slabs, wire fences and a long empty perimeter that isolates the heart of the military installation of the principal entry.

The total of Anglo-American present forces about Qatar is ready to devastate the country they overcome the 90.000 military, other 35.000 American military men will move to the region accelerating the preparations for the aggression. Several European countries, between them France, try to rise to the train longed of a part of the oil tart, once confirmed the aggression.

This base serves as center of operations for the military Anglo-American piracy in the zones of air exclusion imposed by Great Britain and The United States in the north of Iraq.  The United States also tries to open an important quota of terrestrial forces in Turkey. Apparently, this deployment is to assure the control of the petroleum fields in the north of Iraq.


Services actually include fully maintaining the war reserves material properly stored in Sultanate right there at Oman, which is the State of the beautiful Bahrain, & the State of the respective location Qatar. Moreover, in Oman, the contract performance appears to be on the Royal AFB Oman known as the RAFO directly at the government installations, & even the much access to installations appears to be controlled by RAFO Security people.

Soldiers at Al Udeid Air Base

Plane at Al Udeid Air Base

Al Udeid Air Base

Areal View of Al Udeid Air Base

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  1. Alex Gomez June 5, 2014 at 10:43 pm #

    I’m writing because I am dating a soldier who is supposed to be in a base in Qatar, but I’m not sure about that, because I´ve never seen his face, just pictures, he says he is allowed to show, I’m afraid of scam. That’s why I’m writing to you to know if you could help me with information. His name is Lieutenant Raymond Roberts, 45 years old widower, he contacted me through fb. I don’t know anything else, he gave me an email address to write and ask for his leave as we are having an online relationship. I’m really embarrassed for this but it’s the only way I have to know if he is not a scammer, the email address was given to me to write to his commander and it is: [removed for safety reasons] Is this a legitimate email address? Please do help me!

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