Fort Buckner

It is actually an army base which is located next to a camp known as Camp Foster in the Okinawa, Japan. It is noted that, only two signal Battalion are there on forts. Torii Station is essentially where all the army related support for unit is positioned. All sorts of living and luxurious facilities are also there for the armed forces of United States because the nature of their work in this area.

To be precise, Lt Gen Simon Boliver Buckner was the commander of the 10th army which of course had several operational control of the Battle of Okinawa. The location of the 58th Signal Battalion headquarters which is located in Fort Buckner is named in his honor. This therefore indicates how important he might have been. He has really contributed a lot and as such is honored in this particular way. This meticulous base is also noted severally to possess a lot of unique facilities for the soldiers there. Many of them really do appreciate what is going on in Ford Buckner.

The Defense Satellite Communication System actually has the ability of providing an important interface between tactical and strategic network controllers. This is so because; the DGCL often operates as one of the largest user customized subnet within DSCs Control System.

Fort Buckner

Sign and park at Fort Buckner

Important tower at Fort Buckner

Training at Fort Buckner

View from another base to Fort Buckner

Moreover, the DGCL needs its personal subnet controller on the specific and important DOCS sites. The major features of Fort Buckner in Japan have really brought a lot of success to most military men and as such this can never be overemphasized. The experience often attained in this particular camp or base is so enticing that, many military men will often wish to experience that too. Of course a good camp can always be called home and it fits for Fort Buckner base.

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  1. Ashley April 9, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    hey my family and I will be coming to fort buckner japan in late July early august and I was wondering if there was any onpost housing if not can someone give me a reality agency so I can start looking for a place to live thank you Ashley

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