Camp Lester (Camp Kuwae)

Camp Lester, another name for Camp Kuwea is situated along the coastline of the Chatan Town which faces the East China Sea. This is where the largest military hospital in Okinawa is based aside from having the different amenities such as a soccer field, school, and housing facilities catered to the surrounding bases within the area. There is also a town office that also falls under the agreement SOFA which states that the land will be returned slowly to the people of Japan to reduce the presence of the US military men in the area.

Camp Lester Facts

  • Website: No known website for Camp Lester
  • Location: Chatan Town located on a flat piece of coastline facing the East China Sea, Japan
  • Phone: 011-81-98-911-5111
  • Latitude: 26.316667
  • Longitude: 127.766667
  • DSN: 315-640-1110

Camp Lester is under the Japan and United States agreement which they signed under the Final Report of the Special Action Committee on December 2, 1996 which states the reduction of the US military presence in the area. Included in this agreement is the return of Camp Lester which has an area of 245 acres of land on March 2008. This will take effect after the transfer of the naval hospital to Camp Zukeran and the other facilities in Okinawa. This also includes the merging of the housing facilities in Camp Kuwea and Camp Zukeran. Though the facilities at Camp Lester are transferred to the nearby camps, these facilities are just nearby.

Sign at Camp Lester

 US naval hospital Okinawa main sign

Areal view of US naval hospital Okinawa

Areal view of US naval hospital Okinawa

The residents of Okinawa still refer Camp Lester as Camp Kuwae because they are used to call it for 30 years. It was named in honor of the Medal of Honor recipient Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Fred Faulkner Lester. Today, Camp Lester is known for the largest military hospital, the US Naval Hospital, which has the most complete facility in the naval medical treatment plus a referral center in the entire Western Pacific. The US Naval Hospital serves the 55,000 active servicemen and their families, contract and civilian employees and retirees through out the Western Pacific. It is also staffed by Air Force and US Navy personnel.

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